EP 437 – Story #1

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Blumpkin (Blimp) is a tall, skinny man who lives in a cave in the mountains. He has been living alone in his cave for years. He doesn't know what he does to make women attracted to him, but they always seem to come around.
 Blimp likes to eat and drink and tell stories. The women like to listen to his tales. He also enjoys playing with children, especially if they are small enough to fit into his mouth.
He can be found on most days near his home in the mountains.

You receive an offering from the nearby village, A bag containing Cory from AIPD's hair. You drop the bag on the floor of your cave and hear a yelp come from inside. You open the bag to reveal  Kyle the very buttery child.
 "Oh, thank you! I was wondering where that got to."
"I've been looking all over for you," says the boy. "Why didn't you just go out through the front door?"

You emerge from your cave for the first time in years.
 "I was waiting for you to bring me some food. You're not my usual provider, so I figured I'd wait until you came by."
The boy gives you a confused look. "What do you mean?
 We've been coming here every week since we were little kids. It's tradition!"
You nod, "That's right. And you've been bringing me these gifts for years."
"But why?"

You yell at Kyle "FEED ME BOY!"
 and he scampers off into the woods. You laugh and return to your cave. You enjoy the quiet for a few minutes before you hear the sounds of people approaching. You put on your robe and go outside to greet them.

They have brought you another offering: a woman this time. She is young, perhaps only a couple years older than you. Her eyes are large and expressive, and her smile seems genuine. She wears a simple dress that reveals the curves of her body.

You take a nibble only to find out this has been a trap!
 The woman pulls a dagger from under her skirts and drives it into your chest.
"HELP!" you scream as the blade pierces your heart. Your hands fly up to cover your wound.

You run to the hut of the medicine man, hoping to reach him before you bleed to death.
 But he is gone, leaving behind a note that reads:
"I am sorry, but I cannot help you. You have been cursed by the gods."
You sit down on the ground, feeling weak.

You use the medicine man's supplies to poorly stitch yourself up.   It isn't perfect, but it's better than nothing.  You cautiously return to your cave and notice
 that there is a pile of offerings in front of the cave entrance. There are flowers, fruit, even an animal or two. You approach the offerings and pick up the one closest to you. It is a small, stuffed bear.

You realize the bear is a nanny cam.
 You take the camera and leave the cave. You return to the village, where you find the same woman from earlier. She looks at you strangely when she sees you carrying the bear.
"Are you alright?"

You throw fruit at the woman and attempt to disarm her.

She laughs and pulls out a knife. You fall back into your cave and watch as the woman cuts your throat.
─ New Quest Unlocked - Return to Village!
─ For years, Blimp has been stealing the offerings given to you by the villagers.
 Return the stolen items and end his curse.
You don't have much time. You grab a sack and fill it with the gifts you have collected over the years. You then return to the cave and retrieve the nanny cam.

You return all the stolen offerings and the mayor creates a day in your honor:
 Blimp Day. Everyone comes out to celebrate with you. They give you gifts and tell you how happy they are to see you again.
You return to the cave to collect more gifts, but you find the cave empty.

You join the village for the Blimp day feast which includes the following items:

1- Chicken
2- Apple
3- Cucumber
4- Pear
5- Carrot
6- Pickle
7- Egg
8- Cake
9- Cheese
10- Honey
11- Bread
12- Butter
13- Milk
14- Beer

Despite all your rage, you're still just a blimp in a cave .
 You enjoy the celebration and eat your way through the feast. When you finish, you feel completely full and satisfied. You spend the rest of the day playing with the children.
The next morning, you wake up to the sound of someone banging on your door.
 You answer it to find the mayor standing there. He hands you a note.
 Dear Blimp,
 It's time to come home. Please pack up your things and meet us at the cave.