EP 436 – Story #3

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You are "Toilet" Pete, a middle-aged man who lives in a cubicle of a Public Toilet. You have just gotten a new Smart 50" TV installed in your Cubicle and are excited to watch the next Detroit Pistons game on your new TV.
 The TV is connected to your computer which is also connected to the Internet via Cable Modem. Your cable company has recently started offering High Speed internet access to their customers so you can surf the web at high speed.

A guy in the stall next to you yells, "Keep it down, I'm trying to jerk off in here!"

You reply, "Sorry."
The guy next to you says, "Don't worry about it, just keep it down."
After the game ends, you start surfing the web for sports scores and news articles.

You are planning to crush your coworkers in the upcoming fantasy basketball league.
 It's been a while since you played, but you still remember how much fun it was. You check out some of the websites that offer fantasy football leagues and see that there is an entry for you in the "Fantasy Football League".

You decide to take a crap but forget to pull your pants down and exclaim, "I accidentally crapped my pants. Give me your pants!"

Your coworker says, "No way! I'm not getting naked in front of you."
Another coworker comes over and asks what happened.
You say, "Well, I had to go number two but I forgot to pull my pants down before I did it.

Your coworker hands you under the stall an pair of Clum-Encrusted Jeans.
 You put them on and try to cover up the stain with toilet paper. You then leave the cubicle and head back to your desk.
At lunch break you ask your coworker if he wants to play fantasy football.

Your coworker agrees and you dress up like an elf while your coworker dresses up like a
You sit down at your desk and your coworker says, "Hey, you're wearing the same clothes as last time. I thought we were playing fantasy football."
You reply, "Yeah, I didn't want to get changed."

You feel something running down your leg and murmur, "Oh, no, I peed my pants. What am I supposed to do?"

Your coworker says, "Dude, you have a little wet spot on your jeans. You need to change into something else or you'll be late for work tomorrow."
You say, "Okay, I guess I better change."

You enter the bathroom to change in private and run into the janitor of the public bathroom.
 He tells you that he heard you asking for help.
He says, "If you're gonna wear those pants, you need to wash them yourself. Go to the end of the hallway and take a right.

You enter the sub bathroom and find a dimly lit work sink at the end of a long concrete tunnel.  You begin to wash your pants and then your hear a noise.

It sounds like someone moaning. You walk down the hall and see a figure laying on the ground. You approach the person and realize that it's a girl. She appears to be unconscious.
You pick her up and carry her back to the office.

You drop her body outside of the Men's room with a note that says: "You can't be here, this is the MEN's room."  Then you lean in for a kiss with the janitor.

He grabs your ass and pulls you closer to him. You moan softly as his tongue probes your mouth. His hands squeeze and knead your soft flesh.
You moan louder and he moans back.

On the next episode of "Kissing in the Bathroom: Blumpkin Time":

Blumpkin (Blimp) is a tall, skinny man who lives in a cave in the mountains. He has been living alone in his cave for years. He doesn't know what he does to make women attracted to him, but they always seem to come around.