EP 433 – Story #3

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You are KyrilGrey, a 21 year old British man living in England. You're the greatest Internet troll ever, & an expert at everything to do with technology.  One day, you're walking in town & you see three hosts of AIPD, the Twitch TV improv comedy show. From across the town square, you begin shouting, "Cory! Cory, over here! I LOVE YOU!" Everyone raises their heads & they begin shouting, "OH MY FUCKING GAWD IT'S JASON!"
That's when you begin to sprint towards Tony at full speed. You're a very fast
 runner, & your goal is to hug him. As you get closer, he begins screaming and pointing at you. "It's the guy from the show!" He shouts. 
"I'm sorry," you shout back as you come to a stop.

You level up and gain the following AIPD fanboy powers:

- The ability to turn into a human version of yourself, but with no arms or legs.
- You can't be harmed by anything that isn't a weapon, but you can still die if you run out of health.

You run up to Jason and ask, "Jason, there's a rumor going around that you don't want to be Tony's guardian anymore. Can you confirm or deny this rumor?"

He screams and points at you again. "It's the guy from the show!"
You yell back, "I'm sorry, but I have no idea what you're talking about."

A pile of rabid fans crush the person you claim is Jason.
 They try to tear you apart, but you shrug them off. You then point at Tony and scream, "Cory, I love you! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!"
Tony is visibly shaken.

Cory is moved by this and invites you for a tour of AIPD headquarters.  Inside you see a banner that shows what AIPD stands for:
 All In The Family. There are various rooms where you can sit down and watch the show. You're also shown a room where they keep all of the props, costumes, and sets used on the show.

You rifle through the following pile of costumes.

- A set of armor made of chainmail.
- A pair of silver gauntlets.
- A purple cape.
- A large shield.
You pick up the shield and inspect it.

The shield is
 very heavy, but it's clear that it was made with quality craftsmanship. It's a beautiful piece of workmanship. You look at the inside of the shield and see that there is a symbol etched into the metal.

You notice this symbol is:

It looks like a number 1, followed by a circle, a square, a star, a triangle, and a hexagon. You take a moment to study the symbols and realize that they form the word "one".

You ask Jason if you can join AIPD.  Jason says, "No."  You decide to decapitate the entire crew.

After killing everyone on the set, you return to Tony's house and tell him, "I killed them all. They're dead. And I'm here to stay."
Tony is visibly shaken.

You realize that Tony's shakes are actually because of
 his fear of you. You reassure him that you'll never hurt him. You then propose a deal to him. You will not kill anyone else on the show, and in exchange he will give you a job as his assistant.

Tony accepts and gives you your first task:
 to go to the store and buy a new costume for yourself. You leave to do this, but as you walk down the street you hear someone calling out, "Cory! Cory, over here!

You dress up and imitate the cast of AIPD you had murdered to soothe Tony. Tony
 is visibly shaken.
You go to the store and purchase a new costume for yourself. You find a red cloak, a blue shirt, and black pants. You also buy a dagger, a sword, and a bow.

You reach for the dagger when another shopper reaches for it as well. You challenge them to a duel.
 After the fight you both agree to become friends.
You return to Tony's house and show him the new outfit. He is visibly shaken.
You notice that he's wearing a ring on his finger.

Tony is too petrified to stop you and you just take it for yourself.
 You then ask Tony to take you to the bank. You deposit all of the money you've stolen from Tony and he's visibly shaken.
You decide to use some of the money you stole to build a mansion for yourself.

Next time on, "KyrilGrey's AIPD featuring Shaken Tony":

You wake up and realize you're in bed with Tony. You look around the room and see that you're in his bedroom. You get up and look out the window. You see a bright sun shining outside.

Tony wakes up and notice you in his bedroom.  Tony
's eyes widen and he covers his mouth with his hand. He turns away from you and begins to shake.
"I didn't mean to," you say, "I was just looking out the window."

You invite Tony on an offroad drive in your Jeep. Tony
 is visibly shaken.
You take Tony to a bar and introduce him to your friends. You also introduce him to your girlfriend, who happens to be the bartender.
The next day you notice that Tony is wearing a ring on his finger.