EP 432 – Story #2

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You are a mermaid with an unfortunate birth defect. You can swim like a fish but you can't breathe underwater. You have yet to tell your friends and the abyssal festival is tonight
, so you decide to take a dip in the ocean. Your mother warned you not to go out on your own, but she's been dead for five years now.
As you walk down the beach, you hear voices coming from the water.

You listen closely
 and make out two distinct words: "help me."
"I'm here," you say, diving into the waves. The cold water envelops you, chilling your skin and making your breath ragged.

Just before you pass out, you feel something grab you. You wake up in an undersea cavern.
 A man is holding you, his arms wrapped around your waist. He has dark hair and blue eyes, and he's smiling at you.
"Thank God," he says. "I thought I'd lost you."

The man hands you a love letter from Tony of the AI Sea Department.
 It tells you that he found you washed ashore after being swept away by a storm. His team rescued you, but they were unable to revive you. They took you back to their base and cared for you until you recovered.

You realize you are talking to Aquaman.

Aquaman looks like he's just stepped out of the pages of a comic book. His skin is smooth and pale, and he has a pair of fins growing from his head. His hair is long and tied behind him, and he wears a cape made of kelp.

"Why the fins?"
 you ask.
"My people have always been able to breathe underwater," Aquaman replies. "But we're more at home in the sea than on land."
He takes you back to his palace and introduces you to his wife, Mera.

Mera greets you with the Atlantian customary greeting:
 a kiss on the cheek. She is tall and thin, with dark hair and eyes. Her skin is pale as milk, but her body is toned and fit. She kisses you on the lips.

Mera says, "We've been wanting to try a three-way to spice up our marriage."

"I'm not sure this is a good idea," you say. "I mean, I'm here to get my memories back, right? And it seems like a bad idea to be intimate with someone who might be married to another person."

Aquaman grabs your ass and says "I'll jumpstart your memory."

You're in bed with Mera when she gets naked. She climbs onto your lap and straddles you. She strokes your cock through your pants and then lowers herself onto your shaft.
You moan as her pussy swallows your length.

Aquaman says, "Mind if I join you ladies?"

You look over at him and nod. He strips off his clothes and joins you in bed. Mera leans forward and sucks his cock. He reaches between her legs and rubs her clit.

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