EP 430 – Story #3

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You are Larry, a guy who is about to celebrate his one-year anniversary with his girlfriend. However, during an anniversary dinner, your girlfriend tells you that she has feelings for another man. She doesn't know the man's name, but she has a picture of him. You recognize who it is.
 The question becomes: what do you do? Do you break up with her or stay together and fight over this issue until death do us part?
This was my dilemma...
* * * * *
I had been dating Beth for almost two years now.

You decide to do some detective work outside of Beth's job. You borrow the keys to Jason's car, because his car has illegally tinted windows.
 On the way home from dropping off Jason at work, you pull into a gas station on the corner of our street. It is located directly across the road from where I live in my parents' house.

You notice Beth leaving with someone you know:
 Chad. He works as a mechanic for Jason. They have known each other since high school and they still hang out occasionally. While you are waiting for your turn at the pump, you look through the window and see them kiss passionately while sitting on the hood of Jason's car.

You level up and gain the following vengeful cuck powers:

Vengeance Cuck (PvP): Your vengeful cucks will no longer be satisfied by simply winning fights. Now they want blood! Whenever you kill a player in PvP, your vengeance cucks will attempt to find the killer and destroy their character.
 Once destroyed, the victim's corpse will disappear from the game world forever. This power can only be used once per day, per target.
Jealousy Cuck (PvP): You may not care if your vengeful cucks lose a fight.

You use Vengeance Cuck power on Chad.
 His corpse vanishes from the game world. After some time passes, he appears back in town. He claims that he was playing a different video game and accidentally got teleported to this realm.
He then starts making excuses to everyone else, claiming how he wasn't cheating on me.

You notice that Chad has a Roblox appearance that really sticks on in this world.
 You also notice that his Roblox account has changed.
The next morning, you wake up early and head down to Jason's garage. You tell him that you noticed something strange about Chad and would like him to take a look at his computer.

You steal all of Chads Robucks and spend them on Beth with in-game purchases. Chad comes home furious and
 demands answers. You claim that you caught him cheating.
"Cheating?" Chad asks. "I never cheated on you."
"How do you explain this?" You ask him.
Chad grabs his phone and shows you the Roblox account he was logged into last night.

You show Chad a video he accidently streamed to the living room tv of him having sex while playing Roblox.

"Beth!" You shout. "What did you do?!"
She says nothing.
"You knew about this?!" You yell.
"Yes," She says. "I saw him watching porn on your computer and I asked him why he was doing it.
 He said that he was just playing Roblox. I didn't think anything of it.
"But then you started using his money to buy me things and I figured that you were cheating on me.

You try to convince Beth of the truth by showing her the proof, but she is too angry to look.  You decide to take a quick rest and then use you Vengeful Cucks power on Chad again.

After the second death, Chad's body vanishes from the game world.
"So you're telling me that you killed him?" You ask.
"No," She says. "I made him disappear.
 But you don't need to worry. I'm sure he's fine."
"Well, I am worried. How can I trust you anymore?" You ask.
"Trust me?" She asks.
 "You trusted me enough to cheat on me.
"That's different," You say. "I mean, you told me that you wanted to leave your husband and start a family. You said that you wanted to go out and date other people.
 You said that you weren't going to lie to me."
"I lied," She says. "I've always loved you, Larry. I never meant to hurt you.
"You should have told me," You say.

You notice TMZ smurf accounts have overheard all of your drama and rush to publish it on their personal blog.

The news gets picked up by several major media outlets and spread across social networks.
"You ruined everything!" Beth cries.
"Yeah, well," You say. "I guess I did."

You throw down your PvP flag and challenge Beth to a duel.

"Why are you doing this?" She asks. "We both know that we love each other."
"Because I want to win," You say. "I want to prove to everyone that you are a cheating slut.
 I want to prove to myself that I can beat you at any game.
"I have a plan," You say. "I'll make you regret ever cheating on me. I'll prove that you are worthless trash.

You lean in for a kiss.

You notice a police car pull up behind you.
"It's the cops!" You shout as you jump into the driver seat. "Drive! Drive now!"
You drive off and the police chase after you.

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