EP 430 – Story #2

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You are Owen Bushmills, the Head Writer for the Hit Twitch Stream "AIPD", your Job is to make it look like it is not scripted when it is. John Finglestein (the Actor who Plays Jason, the Adoptive Dad for Tony, played by Garry Holmes) is Talking to Cory (played Frazier Beaulieu, in his Debut Role) because he is worried that if he stays on the Show for any longer it will mean he will be Typecast and that will ruin his career.
 You have just arrived at a House Party being thrown by Tiffany, she is the Host of AIPD and has been dating Jay, the Man who plays Chris, but Jay has recently broken up with her so you can see why he would want to stay away from her.

You ask, "have you seen Oprah( played by Oprah )anywhere?"

Cory answers, "No I haven't."
"Oh," says Tiffany, "She was supposed to be here tonight."
Jay replies, "I saw her this morning and she said she had some other business to take care of but she would definitely come later."

You decide to lay a trap you know Oprah cannot resist. you put an open bag of chips that expired 33 years ago on the break room table. Oprah emerges from under the sink, sniffing wildly.
 She picks up the bag and begins eating the chips one by one. As she does this you notice that she has a big red mark on her cheek. When she finishes eating the bag you say, "Hey, did you get into a fight with somebody?"

Oprah reveals her troubled past to you.
 It seems that she once dated a guy named Steve Jobs. He got her pregnant and then left her. After the pregnancy she moved out of their house and found herself living alone with two kids and no job.

You notice a TMZ reporter on a tree branch outside your window has overheard this scandalous information.  You chase after him.

"Owen! Hey Owen!" The man shouts down at you. "We need to talk."
You climb back up to the roof. "What do you want?"
"I heard what happened with Oprah and I wanted to apologize," he says.

You try to subdue the reporter and bring them to Oprah as a prize.
 "I don't know what you're talking about."
The man grabs onto your shirt collar and forces you both off the roof and down into the street below.
"Come on!" He says, "Let's go see Oprah."

You hand the subdued reporter over to Oprah and as a thanks Oprah gives you a sensor-gun that removes the camouflage of any shapeshifting monsters when you press the trigger.
 You turn around to face the reporter. "You better tell me everything you know or else..."
"Or else what?"
"... Or else I'll kill you."
As the man starts to explain things to you, Tiffany comes running out of the house screaming, "It's happening again!

You press the trigger on the sensor gun and your are shocked to see thousands of paparazzi reporters suddenly appear.
 They surround the house and start taking pictures of the inside of the house and all of the people in it. Tiffany runs into the kitchen and locks herself in the pantry.
After a minute or so, Tiffany opens the door and comes out.

You try to save Tiffany, but she is consumed by the swarm of reporters.

All of a sudden, the ground beneath you begins to shake violently. The house shakes and cracks begin to form all over the place. One of the walls falls apart and a large crack appears right in front of you.

Beyond the crack is strange subterranean landscape of
 dark caves, waterfalls, and stalagmite formations.
A voice speaks from the darkness, "Welcome to my world, Owen."
In the distance, there is a loud boom and a huge pillar of fire shoots up into the sky.

You notice you are face to face with The Almighty Head of TMZ: Harvey Levin.

Harvey Levin, born on December 25th, 1967, is a famous American journalist. He is known for his work on the television show, TMZ.
TMZ is a celebrity news program that airs live every day on the internet and on television.

You plea with Harvey to not publish the story about Oprah to save her career and her life.  Harvey tells you there is only one thing you can do to stop him from running the story:

Kill him.
You pull the trigger on the sensor gun and it discharges.
Suddenly, you are standing in the middle of a forest clearing.
A few feet away is an old wooden table surrounded by four chairs.

You walk up to the table and see there is a place card with your name on it. You sit in your chair.

On the other side of the table is an empty seat.
You hear a soft knock on the door.
You stand up and open the door.
Standing before you is a young woman dressed in black.

You do not fall for this trick and know the woman must secretly be Harvey in disguise and you attack.

The woman disappears into thin air and reappears behind you.
You turn around and see the woman is now holding a gun pointed directly at your head.
"Owen," she says, "I'm sorry."

Next time on "TMZ: Oprah Breaking News":

Oprah goes on another date with a doctor who just happens to have a brother named Steve Jobs.
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