EP 430 – Story #1

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You are Pinnie the Wooh, the brother of Winnie the Pooh. You say "Wooh" a lot, and you love honey-bees. Your favourite colour is yellow and your best friend is Piglet. You are a small bear with grey fur and a cute button nose. You have an adorable voice and innocent eyes. You are just making a honey sandwich for Winnie, when suddenly Tigger runs up to you and says: "Pinnie! Come on! Hurry!" He's very excited. And he smells like flowers. You don't know what that means but
 it sounds important so you run after him. When you get there Tigger has already found some flowers which are full of bees. They buzz around in front of your face and sting you. The stings hurt but they make you feel happy inside because you think maybe Winnie will be able to see them
 too. But then Winnie comes back without any flowers or Tigger, and she tells you not to worry about it. She says that sometimes things can happen between friends, especially if one person wants something more than another.

Winnie strokes you.
 Her hand feels soft and warm. It makes you feel good. Then Winnie hugs you tight and kisses your head. You kiss her back. That tickles and it's fun but you keep kissing her until finally Tigger breaks into the hug.

You notice Tony's treadmill which is covered in Tony's hair in the corner of the room and hop on it to pretend like you were exercising and not kissing your brother.

Tigger jumps onto your back and bounces around as you run. His little claws dig into your fur and his tiny hands grab hold of your ears. You're running really fast now. Up and down the stairs.

Tigger has had enough fun and goes home for the day.  You ask Pooh, "Hey Pooh, give me some of that Honey-infused Chicken. Ooh look, an Owl onesie!"
 You say this even though you know it's dangerous to talk to owls. One time Tigger got lost in an owl cave.
Pooh gives you a piece of chicken and some honey.

Winnie the Pooh transforms after eating tainted chicken and honey that has been left on the tree stump for far too long and turns into Winnie the Flu.
 You are so scared by all this, you fall off your treadmill and cry yourself to sleep.
The next morning Tigger wakes you up with his squeaky toys and tells you that you must eat more healthy food, otherwise you'll catch Winnie the Flu too.

You go to the Kitchen to fix yourself a healthy snack, and you run into the Winnie the flu talking with Piglet who is sniffling and coughing.
 Winnie tells you to drink lots of water and eat only fruit. She also tells you that you need to exercise and take walks outside to help clear out your lungs.
Your stomach hurts and you feel sick, but you do as Winnie says and try to keep busy.

You begin to suffer from the following symptoms of Winnie the Flu:

• A fever
• Fatigue
• Headaches
• Coughing
• Sore throat
• Runny nose
• Sneezing
• Diarrhea
• Vomiting
• Muscle aches
• Weakness
After several days of this, Winnie the
 Flu starts to get better. You still feel weak and tired but you are no longer suffering from the flu symptoms. Winnie gives you a big hug and tells you that she loves you.
But Winnie the Flu is not over yet.

You wake up the next morning to see Winnie the Flu vomiting stuffing.
 Winnie's stuffed animals are all in piles around the room. Winnie tells you that she made these toys for Tigger and you to play with. But she can't remember how she made them.

You use a time machine that can only take you back to any timeline where you're about to get attacked physically.
 You travel back to the present and see Winnie the Flu attacking Winnie the Pooh. Winnie the Pooh gets knocked out and Winnie the Flu begins to attack you.
You fight back against Winnie the Flu.

You kick Winnie in her belly and she goes tumbling out the window.

Winnie the Flu falls to the ground below.
Winnie the Flu stops moving and its eyes close.
You collapse on top of Winnie the Flu.
And then Winnie the Flu dies.

Next time on "Pinnie the Wooh's 100 Acre Cleanup":
 Pinnie decides to help Winnie the Pooh clean up all of Winnie the Pooh's house.
"What are we doing?" asks Winnie the Pooh.
"We're cleaning up Winnie the Pooh's house," answers Winnie the Wooh.