EP 429 – Story #3

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The morning after Derek Zandari graduated from Yale, he got dumped by his Girlfriend of 3 years Debbie. Debbie wanted to Travel the World but Derek wanted to Work his Dream Job at a Water Park.
 He was crushed when she told him that they would have to break up as she had been offered an amazing opportunity in China and wouldn't be able to take it now. She also said if he didn't want her to go then he should get out of their apartment and let her find someone who did.

You decide to move to China just to spite Debbie.
 You are determined not to see her again until you can work your way into some position where she will be forced to come back to America with you or stay here forever. After getting a job teaching English at a university, you finally have enough money saved up for an apartment in Shanghai.

You invest the little money you have made into starting an underground waterpark.
 The park is called "Shanghai Wonderland" and has many attractions like a pirate ship, roller coaster, etc... It takes about two years before your business starts making any real money. Your parents help you build more rides and expand the park.

You become a celebrity in China.
 People know who you are because of how much money you make and how well known your company is. When you start dating one of your students (a Chinese girl named Mei) people think you are cheating on Debbie.

The accusation that you have been cheating tanks your social credit score.  You meet with Debbie and beg her to clear up this blatant lie.
 She tells you that she doesn't care what other people say about her and that she knows you better than anyone. That's why she broke up with you.
She also says that she will do anything to keep you happy.

You hold a press conference with Mei and Debbie meeting for the first time.
 You tell everyone that you were dumped by your girlfriend because she wanted to travel around the world instead of staying home. You claim that you don't care what other people say about you and will never cheat on her again.

You give Debbie a lifetime pass to the waterpark.

Your social credit score recovers and your relationship with Mei becomes even stronger. You decide to move to Shanghai permanently so you can spend more time with her.
Life is good in China!
* * *
I've decided to live my life like I'm immortal.

You are working a long day at the waterpark when suddenly The Kurgan shows up to show you that you are not immortal.

Hahahaha! Ha!
It turns out that you are not the only person who has figured out that immortality isn't real. The Kurgan is actually the last immortal being alive and has been searching for another immortal for thousands of years.

You yell, "FOOLS! I AM INFINITELY IMMORTAL! How dare you challenge my omnipotent vessel!"

The Kurgan laughs, "Yes, you are infinitely immortal. But you are not the only one. There are others like you out there."
He points behind you and reveals that he has already found three other immortals.

You look behind and see that he is pointing at Debbie, Mei, and
 your parents. They all appear to be confused and scared.
Look at them. Do you really believe that these people are truly immortal?
Of course not!

The Kurgan pulls out an oversized greatsword and cut's off Mei's head.

Hahahahaha! Look at them! They are terrified! What will you do now? Kill me?
No! I am going to kill you!

You pull out your greatest weapon: a pool noodle.

Let's settle this like men!
You said that there are others like me out there. Let's see if you're right.

You surprise the Kurgan and reveal that today is "Immortals get in free" day at your water park.  1000 immortals have your back and rip the Kurgan to shreds.  The Kurgan's limbs are tossed about in the wave pool.

Hey, wait!
You catch one of the Kurgan's severed arms.
I thought we were supposed to fight like men!
You want to fight like a man?

You realize that the Kurgan needs to be decapitated to be truly killed.  You fight in the Kurgan in a hand to hand fight to the death.

You finally manage to chop off his head.
Ahahahaha! You win!
So? What happens now?
Now you must live forever.

You accept fate
 and are now immortal.
* * *
The most important thing to remember is that your destiny is set in stone. No matter how hard you try to change it, your fate will always lead you down the path that you have chosen.

Next time on "Highlander's Wet World Shanghai":

Lets find out what the future holds for Derek.
* * *
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