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You are Clayton Curze, an ex-rockstar who's published an autobiography about your time with the band Ironclad. In your book, you said the band split apart due to creative differences when in actuality, you were kicked out the band. One day you wake up to find angry messages from the other band members and their lawyers saying
 they want a lot of money for breach of contract. You don't have much cash on hand so you decide to sell some stuff off of your house but it doesn't fetch as high as expected.

To pay off your debts, you take a job as
 an assistant manager at the local mall where things go well until someone starts stealing from the store. It turns out that this is all just part of a plot by an evil corporation to bankrupt you so they can buy up your property cheap and put themselves into competition with your business.

You have all customers entering the mall sign a waiver that says "stealing is punishable by death"
 which will allow them to be shot dead if caught doing it again. To make matters worse, you also discover there are two women living in one of your buildings. One of these women has a son named Michael who appears to be very fond of the music shop while the other woman seems to have been d
rugged by her husband and is being held captive inside his apartment.
Can you figure out what needs to happen next? Will you help these people or will you kill them all? Or maybe you should just run away screaming like a little girl...

You are distracted by a death metal band called "FUCKSTAIN" that's looking for a new member.
 They're playing at a bar near your home and you see a guy that looks like he might fit the bill. Can you convince him to join your band? What would happen if you did?
This game is inspired by the movie The Rocker.

You say to this prospective band member, "Nobody can compete with Jason, Tony and Cory, the members of the AIPD Jingle Band."
 He responds by saying, "Fuckin' A!"
So you decide to try and get this guy into your band. But first, you need to learn more about him. You track down his address and head over to visit him at his place.

You give Fuckin A a copy of the horror film Paul Blart Maul Cop.
 After watching it, you ask him questions about himself and what he likes.
He tells you he's a drummer who was born in New York City. His father was a plumber and mother worked in a factory.

You reveal your troubled past to Fucking A.
 You tell him how your parents got divorced when you were only seven years old. Your mom remarried and moved away leaving you alone with your dad. This made your dad angry because he felt abandoned.
 So, he decided to take it out on you by beating you up.
Your dad used to beat you up every night after school. He'd start by punching you in the stomach then follow it up with a kick to your face.

You confess to Fuckin A that you finally beat up your father by using
 a heavy bag. Then you revealed how your dad died.
After getting a good workout, you took a shower and went to bed. When you woke up the next morning, your mom told you that your father had collapsed and passed away.

Fuckin A tells you his backstory:
 he grew up in Brooklyn where his mother worked in a factory. She left him with his grandmother and never came back. He became an orphan at age eight.
Now, you've found a new member for your band!

You write a new song in commemoration of Fuckin A joining the band and call it:
 "The Fucking Song."
You play the song for Fuckin A. You tell him that now you have a new song and a new album.
You also invite him to come jam with you guys in your studio.

You decide on a new band name with Fuckin A: The
You decide to record a demo CD and send it out to various labels.
You create a Facebook page for your band and post it on your blog.
You also upload videos of your live shows onto YouTube.

You create a music video for your number 1 song:
 "The Fucking Song."
You become famous and your fans beg you to release an album.
You sign with a label and you begin recording your debut album.
You hire a professional photographer to shoot photos of you guys for your official photo album.

Your album cover has the following interesting features:

Your lead singer is a guy wearing a leather jacket.
Your guitarist is a girl dressed in a pink dress.
Your bass player is a guy with a mustache.
Your drummer is a girl with long blonde hair.

You have three female backup singers.
Your album title: "Fucking Awkward."
Your album artwork depicts your band members in awkward poses.
You have the following songs on your album:

1) "The Fucking Song" - A catchy tune that makes people want to dance.
2) "Fucking Awkward" - A song about a guy who is too shy to ask out girls.

3) "Goddamn Asshole" - A song about a guy that always gets in trouble.
4) "Suck My Dick" - A song about a girl that wants to suck dick.

5) "Pussy Eating" - A song about a guy that eats pussy.
6) "I'm Gay" - A song about a guy that loves gay sex.
7) "The Nasty Song" - A song about a guy that doesn't like to be touched.

8) "The Dick Sucker" - A song about a girl that sucks cock.
9) "Dick Loving" - A song about a girl that loves sucking dick.
10) "Cock Licking" - A song about a guy that likes to lick cock.

11) "Ass Fucking" - A song about a guy that likes to fuck ass.
12) "Shit Eating" - A song about a girl that eats shit.
13) "Dick Slut" - A song about a girl that loves to be fucked by dicks.

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