EP 428 – Story #2

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You are SpongeBob SquarePants. You are taking a bus to visit your grandmother when you see a roadsign that says: "You are now leaving Bikini Bottom." You realize you're on the wrong bus! But where is this one taking you?
 The sign doesn't say, and it's too far away from anything else to be anywhere useful. It could lead to any number of places—and none of them would be good for you or anyone else.

You see a sign that says "Sharktown Ahead."
 Sharktown! That means danger, right? And what kind of trouble can possibly come out of shark-infested waters? Your heart races with fear. What if there really are sharks around here?

You drive through Cory from AIPD's Krusty Krab uniform.
 As you pass the old theater, someone yells at you: "Hey! Go back in time!" You turn around to find yourself driving past the same place again... except this time, no one is yelling anymore.

You yell, "I hope I get to see Mark Cuban in Shark Town, he's my favourite Shark from Shark Tank!"
 The bus stops, but before you can board it drives off without you. Where am I supposed to go now? Not only do you have no idea where you are going, but now you don't even know how you got here.

You are approached by Jaws.
 He asks: "Where are you headed?" You tell him you're looking for Bikini Bottom. "Oh," he says, "you've arrived." Then he eats you.
Jaws tells you: "The world has become very dangerous lately.

You discover another world inside Jaws' stomach.
 This one is filled with all sorts of people who are being attacked by other creatures, including the Triton Brothers and Sandy Cheeks.
Sandy Cheeks tells you: "We need help."

You and the others plot your escape from Jaws' stomach.

"Okay, so we'll just jump out of his mouth, right?"
"No, you idiot. We'll get swallowed up by his throat."
"Then what?"
"We'll dig our way out."

You rummage through the wreckage in Jaws' stomach and make tools for digging out.
 Soon enough, you manage to break free of his stomach. You finally arrive at the surface...
And discover that the whole world has been destroyed by a giant monster called "Kraken." All of the buildings are smashed to pieces, and there are no signs left anywhere.

You rose from the surface too quickly and comes down with a case of the suds.
 You feel sick.
A little girl appears before you. She tells you: "I'm sorry, Mr. Krabs, but you must leave this place immediately."
You ask her: "What happened?"

She answers: "It was Krakens!"
"Wait, what?"
"The Krakens ate everything!"
You feel awful. You never wanted to see the world like this.
You run to the nearest town.

The sign is gone, but you realize too late that you have run right back into the heart of Sharktown.

Your friends tell you: "This is where you were supposed to go!"
You try to convince everyone to follow you, but they refuse. They tell you: "We're not going anywhere until we find out why this happened!"

The lead Kraken appears overhead and continues it's path of destruction.  You say, "I'm the only one equipped to deal with this!" and proceed to get eaten by the Kraken.

You wake up on the beach.
You see a sign that says: "Welcome to Bikini Bottom!"
You are walking towards the town when you notice a sign that says: "Don't Eat Me."
 You stop dead in your tracks.
You walk into the middle of town. Everyone seems to be busy eating something. You see some kids standing around a big pot. You approach them and ask: "What's going on?"

They answer: "Everyone's getting food poisoning because of the Krakens!"
You ask: "What do I do?"
"You gotta eat the food!"
"But I don't want to eat the food!"

Next time on "Sponebob Squarepants: Kraken Eater":

You wake up in the hospital.
You realize you are in the "Bikini Bottom Hospital". You see a sign that says: "You Are Now Leaving Bikini Bottom."
You look around and see all sorts of patients.