EP 427 – Story #3

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You are Cory Jeldman, after all these years of having a Orgasm inducing name, you now realize its not a superpower but it's really a Curse put on you by your Ex-girlfriend from High School who was actually a witch.
 You were the only one she ever had sex with and she never liked that about her so when you left for college to become an Astronaut in Space she cast this curse on you as revenge against your dick size which is small compared to most guys.

You dream of your ex poured over a tome changing an incantation. She says "
Cory I wish for you to be able to have a massive cock like mine." And then she makes it happen. Your dick swells up to seven inches long and eight inches around! You can feel the weight of it bouncing off your stomach as you stand there stunned at how big it has gotten.

You go to work and quickly hear you've gotten a new nickname around the office. people are calling you
 “The Cock” or even worse they call you “Big Dick”. You're embarrassed by the attention but what can you do? People will find out eventually anyway.
You start getting phone calls from horny women wanting to date you because of your huge cock.

You try to hide your oblong genitals under a pile of Cory's AIPD towels
 while showering. But no matter where you put them someone always finds them.
You try to wear baggy clothes to cover your giant cock but nothing works. The more you try to conceal it the bigger it gets.

You decide to pay a visit to your most magical confident Corey Feldman, a real person who makes great and tasteful album covers.
 He tells you that he has a spell to help you control your growing penis. It's called "Penis Control" and involves wearing a special pair of underwear.
He gives you two pairs: one black and one white.

The underwear are made of solid steel and you have to cram your junk into. You ask Corey "do you have a salve? a lotion maybe?"
 He says "No. I don't think any of my products contain anything like that." So you take both pairs home and start experimenting with them.
Your first attempt fails miserably as you end up just ripping the fabric apart and pissing all over yourself.

You realize that you need to break the curse so you go to your ex-girlfriend and ask if there is anything you can do to have her undo this horrible curse.  She says, "There is one thing you can do:
 get me pregnant. Then the curse will be broken and your dick will shrink back down to normal size. You'll still be able to fuck me though!"
She hands you a pregnancy test and you take it home and stick it in the bathroom sink.

Cory Feldman accidentally gets your girlfriend pregnant while recording an album "Angelic 2 the Core 4"

You keep the news from your boss and coworkers for a few weeks until your cock shrinks back down to normal size. You tell your ex-girlfriend and she takes the test and is delighted to find out that she's knocked up.

You celebrate by giving your coworkers a buy one get one free voucher from Olive Garden, the Most Authentic Italian Chain Restaurant in the US.
 They give you shit about it but everyone knows you have a fat wallet now so they shut up and eat some garlic bread.
You finally admit to your co-workers that you got lucky and ended up with a hot chick pregnant.

Your girlfriend is so flattered by this comment that she casts the following spell to give you:

"I wish that you could become as attractive as Jennifer Love Hewitt. I know you love her but she's not your type. So instead I wish for you to become as attractive as Jennifer Love Hews' ass."

On the next episode of "Face-Off 3: Ass Face":

A group of men surround Cory's car and demand he hand over his keys.
"We want you to come with us," says the leader of the group. "We're going to beat the shit out of you."