EP 427 – Story #1

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You are Matti, a guy in college who can't stand your dormmate. Your dormmate is an immature troublemaker who eats your food, cheats off of your homework and keeps you up at night by watching loud movies. One morning, while your dormmate is asleep, you bag up all of your dormmate's belongings into trash bags. After you've bagged everything up, you toss it into the dumpster.
 You then go to class and forget about what happened until later that evening when you get home from work. As soon as you walk through your front door, you hear your mother calling for you: "Matti!

Your mother notices a hamper containing Cory's clothes and begins to weep audibly.
 She runs over to hug you, but you push her away. “I didn’t do anything wrong. I was just trying to make my room look better."
"No, no, you did something very bad," says your mother.

Your mother begins to spank you.
 You struggle against her grip, but she won't let go. Your mother slaps harder and faster, tears streaming down her face. Her hands sting like fire on your ass cheeks. You cry out in pain.

You look up to see every person on your floor recording you on their cellphones.
 The footage will be uploaded onto social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram. All of your friends will laugh at you. They'll call you names. And they'll tell everyone else how much fun it was to watch you get spanked.

You capitalize on your new infamy and release a line of merch themed around the embarrassing ass beating.
 It becomes a hit with people everywhere. Your mother is so angry that she calls a lawyer. He tells her not to worry because there's nothing legally binding between you two. But he also warns her that if you ever hurt her again, you will end up in jail.

Your roommate returns to take his revenge on you by
 posting video of you getting spanked online. You are now known as "The Spanker." Everyone makes fun of you constantly. Even your girlfriend breaks up with you. You have nowhere left to turn.

The only person you can turn to for help is your ex-roommate. You visit him at his new dorm room and
 ask him to train you in self defense. Cory agrees to help, but doesn't want you to get arrested. So, he decides to teach you a special move called the "Spanker Punch."

You learn the perfect counter to your Mom's ass slapping and decide to be bad so your Mom has a reason to spank you again.  You decide to
 throw a party at your house where everyone brings gifts to give to your mom. You don't know what to expect, but you're ready to deal with whatever happens next.
At the party, your Mom arrives and gives you a big hug.

You mistakenly think your mom's hug is a submission technique and use your Spanker Punch to counter her.

But instead of giving you a hug back, your Mom throws you across the room and lands on top of you. She pins you to the ground and starts straddling you.
 you cry out.
"Don't worry honey," says your mom. "I'm going to spank you so hard that your ass will never heal."
She begins to slap your ass again.

You achieve ecstasy.

But then...
"Oh, God! No more!" you scream.
Your Mom stops hitting your ass and rolls off of you. She pulls you up by your shoulders and drags you into her bedroom.

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Cory is the most popular guy in school. He's got a hot girlfriend, a great job and even better parents. You, however, are a loser. A total loser. In fact, you are a complete failure.