EP 426 – Story #1

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You are Jason, a streamer and film maker. You've been invited to a costume party but to your surprise, everyone has decided to dress as you.  When you bring up how weird that is, they attempt a bad impression of you. Your friend Tony attempts your voice saying
 "I'm not going." They all laugh at him and he leaves. The next day, the girls invite you out for drinks and try to get you drunk. After several rounds of shots, they take you back home with them.
 As soon as you walk in the door, one girl grabs your ass while another shoves her tongue down your throat. Before long, both have their tongues inside your mouth and it's hard to tell who is kissing whom.

You roll through Cory's favorite pile of clothes with the sexy tongue ladies.
 She asks if you want anything from her room and you say no. But when she leaves, you decide to go into her closet. In there, you find an outfit identical to yours... except hers has straps on the bottom.

You are startled by JaSoN, a person who is totally convinced they're you.
 He claims he saw you last night and was looking forward to getting together again. He says he can be whatever you want him to be and will do just about anything to please you. 
He even convinces Cory to wear this strap-on harness.

You try to escape this awkward situation and run out the front door and head home.
 On your way, you pass two men dressed like you and hear them talking about how hot you look in your new outfit. One man comments that he wishes his wife could see him now. That makes you feel guilty because you know exactly what he means.

You continue walking down the street, and the men follow you.  You wouldn't want to refuse the mans offer and agree to have sex with this mans wife.
 After all, you are a slut and would love nothing more than to fuck some pussy.
You turn around and ask them to leave you alone.
"No, we are here to make sure you don't hurt yourself," one man tells you.

You realize these gentlemen are you wingmen.
 You decide to accept their help and let them keep an eye on you.
After several minutes, you arrive home and see Cory sitting on the couch waiting for you. She looks nervous and excited.

You notice she is wearing a 20 inch strap-on. She makes direct eye contact with you and slaps the 20 incher.

"Get ready to fuck me good, stud," she demands.
She pulls off her shirt and starts sucking your cock. It feels amazing. She fucks your face and then straddles your body.

You lose yourself to the sex for a moment, but you look up you realize Cory is wearing an eerily realistic mask of you.

"Cory? What are you doing?"
"This is you, isn't it? This is really you," she says.
"Yes, I am Jason," you admit.
"Oh my god!

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