EP 424 – Story #1

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You are Daniel Minshull, you thought you did enough Good Deeds in your life to get a place in heaven but you are stuck in Purgatory as a Ghost trying to right the one wrong you did in life : 25 years ago you missed your Sons Baseball little league championship game to go to Disney World on your own as your a massive Disney fan.
 You have been here for about ten months and you are still waiting for God or anyone else from Heaven to help you out of this Hellish situation so you can move on with your life.
The problem is that you don't know how long it will be before someone comes back looking for you like they
 usually do because there has not been any news of anything happening since Christmas Eve when an angel appeared at your home and told everyone what happened to you. They also said that if no one came to claim your body then he would take care of everything after you died which means that whoever was left behind would have
 to pay for the funeral and all the bills for your estate.
All your friends knew about your love of Disney World so they decided to throw you a surprise party while you were away on vacation.

You decide to hide your appearance by wearing  Cory's wedding tuxedo in a mud puddle. The tuxedo is vibrant
 red with white pinstripes and even though it is dirty now it looks good on you. It is very well tailored and fits perfectly on your body. Your only other clothing is a pair of black dress pants that are slightly too big for you.

Some kids stare at you and you break the silence and ask, "So… you play Among Us at all?"

"We do!" A girl responds excitedly. She is pretty with short blond hair and green eyes. Her name is Jenny.
Another kid named Corey who is a year older than you says, "Hey Dan!
 I heard that you had a heart attack."
You say, "Yeah..."
Jenny asks, "What happened?"
"I got hit by a car," You answer sadly.
Corey says, "Oh man, my mom is going to freak out."

you say "I know it was your mom that hit me. I'm willing to negotiate.
 How about we split the money from selling my soul to a demon lord? That way you can buy her new tires for your Mom's car and she won't be mad at you."

You summon the demon lord right in front of the Magic Castle.
 He looks at you with his two red glowing eyes and tells you that you will have to sell him your soul first. You tell him that you are willing to do anything to get out of this situation.

You are soon surrounded by a row of Disney mascots, and one dressed as Mickey Mouse emerges, and the demon lord bows. Mickey says " Ballzack, what brings you to my magical kingdom uninvited?"

You say, "I am here to sell my soul to you for $1 million dollars."
He laughs and says, "No one has ever asked for that much. But I will give you $100,000 and some of the best merchandise in the land.

You look at some of the demon merchandise and it includes such demonic Disney items as:

Mickey Mouse's Soul: You have to wear this around your neck until the end of time.
A set of black and white striped boxer shorts that you must never remove unless you want to lose your soul.

A black and white striped wifebeater shirt that you are required to wear every day.
Your soul is sold for $100,000 to the demon lord Ballzack and you receive the following gifts from him:
A Mickey Mouse key chain with a golden ball on it.

A small gold statue of Mickey Mouse holding a magic wand.
A set of black and white striped boxers that you must never remove unless you want to lose your soul.
A black and white striped wifebeater shirt that you are required to wear every day.

You get to work on your section of the chain gang, as you have fallen for the demon's deal.
 After a couple of weeks of hard labor you finally reach the top of the mountain where you find yourself at the foot of the castle.
The head demon guard sees you and tells you to come up the stairs.

You finally leave purgatory and enter Hell!

You wake up to a bright light shining down on you. You open your eyes and see a beautiful angel standing over you.
She smiles and says, "Daniel Minshull, you are alive!"

Next time on "Escaping Disney World":

Dan realizes that he is still in Hell but decides to try to escape anyway.
It turns out that he is actually in the Realm of the Dead and he is being punished for trying to escape.