EP 423 – Story #3

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You are Red Impostor, You have killed everyone in this place except Sans Undertale. You approach sans 
ndertale and he does this stupid ted talk that you ignore and step fo
ward and he says "then so be it" he then shoots a gaster blaster at you and dangerous bones at you that you dodge. He says "huh I wonder why people don't use their strongest attacks first" You swing your knife at him but he dodges He then throws the second attack which is bones and gaster blaster which hit you but you are still alive. He says "You know kid, You are very sus" You swing your knife at him again but he dodges. You realize that he will not stop dodging and that he is too powerful and hard to defeat. You think "at least I would respawn when I die" he then does his next attack at you which are
 dangerous bones and gaster blaster which hit you but you are still alive. He says "I am really suprised that people do not try to dodge my attacks more often" You swing your knife at him again but he dodges.

You throw your knife at him and score a direct hit.
 He says "oh well I guess there is no hope for you." You swing your knife at him but he dodges. He says "well maybe if you tried to dodge my attacks instead of just swinging at me they might work."

You try to dodge his next attack, but realize you're still going to be hit. You are saved when  Dante from the Devil May Cry series blocks the attack, saving you.
 You say "thanks!"
He replies "You can thank me by letting me take you down."
You ask "What?"
Dante says "Well I am obviously stronger than you so let's fight in a way where you actually have a chance of winning.

You agree, and Dante begins to
 taunt you.
The taunting continues for some time until finally...
* * *

You hear the sound of something exploding, followed shortly by another.
Your eyes widen as you look around.

You realize that sus imposter has crashed the ship.  You try to investigate, but Dante stops you and says, "You have unfinished business!"

He charges towards you and attempts to tackle you. You attempt to dodge out of the way, but he is simply too fast.
His arms wrap around you and he slams you into the wall.

You grab one of Cory's sexy high heels and stab Dante in the eye with it.

He lets go of you and stumbles back.
"That's for taking advantage of my sister," you growl.
"You're right about that, kid," he chuckles.

Dante rips the high heel out of his eye and whips it at Sans Undertale. Dante looks back at you and coolly flicks his hair.

"Now, kid, it's time to finish what we started."
Sans tries to run away, but Dante catches up to him and grabs him by the neck.
"I'll kill you all!"

Sans sticks his gaster blaster right in Dante's mouth and fires.

"Gah! Gah!"
You watch helplessly as Dante falls over backwards, clutching his face.
Sans laughs cruelly. "See? Even with your magic, you can't beat me!"

You say, "I'm going to go all out... just this once!"

You draw your knife and charge at Sans.

Something flies past you, striking Sans in the head.
You spin around to see a naked lady.

Your view of the naked lady is cut short by an enormous stream of gaster batter.

You are knocked back by the force of the blast.
You manage to get back on your feet, only to be tackled by the naked lady.

You recognize this lady is none other than
"Cory?! What are you doing here?"
"You should probably ask her yourself," she says.
You turn to see Sans has picked himself up off the ground.
"Oh, hey, I was wondering when you'd show up.

Since violence doesn't seem to work, you decide to tickle Sans.

You continue to tickle him until he collapses.
"Hey! Stop it!"
"What are you two doing?"
"We're playing a game!"
"It's called 'tickle the monster'!"

You hear a slow clap in the distance.

You look up to see Cory is now dressed like a cheerleader.
"So, what are you doing here?"
"I came to save you!"
"Oh really? And how exactly did you plan to do that?"

"By beating you senseless."
"Are you sure you want to do that? I mean, you don't know what I can do."
"Yes, I am."
"Okay then."

Cory performs a raucous cheer, and it fills you with inspiration.

"Let's do this!"
You and Cory begin to spar.
You can tell Cory has more experience than you. She is quick and nimble.
You think to yourself "Maybe I can win this after all!"

Dante joins the attack, you know there is there only one way to win: a double tickle finish.

You and Cory laugh together as you try to tickle each other simultaneously.
You are both laughing so hard you can barely stand.
Finally, Cory manages to get you down and pin you to the ground.

You manage to tickle Dante and Cory into friendship submission.

An explosion goes off behind you, followed by a loud bang.
You look over your shoulder to see Cory has dropped the bomb.

Next time on "Tickle Ball Z":
 Cory has taken control of the ship and the crew is being held hostage.
"You will obey me!"
Cory threatens the captain, who is wearing a "Big Boobs" bikini.