EP 423 – Story #2

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It seems like everyone is cashing in on the Halloween season, even your local gym. They are offering the following ten spooky workouts:	

Bones of Steel (for those who have to work late)
Get Ready for Winter Sweat (so you can look good when it's -20 outside)
Mummies' Secrets Workout (because they don't want their precious bodies to rot while they sleep)
Scary Cat St
retches (to keep your muscles flexible and limber all year long)
Horror Story Workouts (you'll be so scared that you won't need a shower after these!)
The Scariest Yoga Poses (if yoga isn't scary enough, then add some horror elements)
alloween Specials (I know what I'm doing tonight...)
Yoga for Zombies (to help you stay healthy and strong during this time of the year)
Ghostly Exercises (they'll scare away any pesky spirits that might try to haunt your soul)
Eerie Exercises (
the ghosts will love them!)
Your Horrible Self-Defense Moves (that will leave an impression on anyone who tries to mess with you)
Let me just say one thing about my book before we get started: You're going to die!

You decide to start your workout with
 a brisk walk around town. Your house is only five minutes from the gym, but you pass by every shop selling costumes and candy corn until you finally reach the place. The parking lot is full, and the line wraps out into the street.

You sign up for Yoga for Zombies and show up to the first class ready to stretch your heart out!
 It's not too bad; there are only six people in the room, and they seem friendly enough. But then the instructor starts talking ...
"Do you think he saw us?"
"... We should go."

You wipe your brow "WOO what a workout!" and go to the sauna.
 You sit down next to a woman wearing a white mask and nothing else. She has her eyes closed, and she looks dead tired.
"Hi," you say softly.
She doesn't respond, but she does open her eyes and smile at you.

You confirm she is around your age.
 Her skin is pale and smooth, except for a few scars here and there. Her hair is dark brown, pulled back tightly into a bun. You notice how thin she is, almost emaciated.

You ask "how long have been in the sauna?"

"Just a little while," she says quietly.
You watch as she takes off her gloves, pulls her hair back, and begins to take off her shirt. Her breasts are small and perky, barely containing the two perfect pink nipples.

Her mask falls off an reveals a horrifying face of zombie!
 You feel your cock stir in your pants.
"Are you okay?" You ask.
"Yes," she whispers. "Just... just trying to relax."
You can see her shiver slightly as she leans against the wall.

You remove your pants. She notices your dick.

"You have a nice penis," she says quietly.
"Thank you," you say.
"Would you like to touch it?" She asks.
"Umm ... sure," you say.

She touches it, but your cock is so hard it turns her hand into dust.

"Oh," she moans. "It's so big."
"Do you like it?" You ask.
"Yes," she says. "I've never had a man who was so huge ...

Please don't fat-shame me.
 You are really turned on right now.
"Would you suck it?" You ask.
"Yes," she says.
She unbuttons your shirt and kisses your chest. Her lips linger on your nipple and then travel down your body.

"God, I want to lick your balls," she whispers.
"Me too," you moan.
She climbs on top of you and rubs her pussy along your shaft. She squeezes her tits together and slides them up and down your cock.

You spot a Sports Illustrated magazine that has Cory from AIPD on the cover and cum harder than you ever have in your life.

She smiles as you shoot your load onto the floor.
"Now I'm going to make you scream," she whispers.
You try to fight her, but you are completely helpless.
* * *
You wake up the next morning feeling refreshed and relaxed.

You roll over to see the zombie woman next to you, she is wearing a cut out mask of Cory from AIPD.
 You try to pull away, but you find yourself pinned down by her weight.
"What the fuck?" You say.
"I thought you would like it," she says. "We are both Cory fans."

Next time on "Ghould's Gym":
 You find out that zombies aren't the only things that want to eat your brains.
To be continued ...
A note from the author: This story was inspired by the new Netflix series "The Haunting of Hill House".