EP 423 – Story #1

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You are Cody, a college freshman attending Berkley. You've signed up to join a fraternity but you have to pass a hazing ritual where you spend a night in an old abandoned faculty building. You've been there for an hour with no incident until you see a small red ball bounce down a nearby staircase
 and disappear into the darkness below. Your curiosity piqued, you follow it only to find yourself standing at the bottom of another stairway that leads deeper underground. The stairs continue on but your light is barely enough to illuminate the room before you.

You grab a paddle off a nearby table and cautiously descend into the infinite basement.
 It's pitch black so you can't even make out what kind of space this might be. As you walk slowly forward, your foot crunches something hard beneath it and suddenly the floor drops away from under you.

You land on Tony's adoption papers and hear the laughter of a psychotically horny sorority girl.
 She's obviously drunk as she giggles like some sort of evil witch while groping her way through the darkness toward you. Her hand brushes against yours and then they're both sliding across each other...

In an instant her other scratches your shoulder and rips your letterman jacket.
 "What the fuck!" You cry, pulling back in surprise as she slides up your body.
"Cody! Oh my god! I'm sorry! Are you okay?" Rachel asks frantically.

You ask Rachel what's she's doing here.

She tells you that after your party ended, she went home to get ready for her date with Michael. When she got back, she saw a strange car parked outside her house and assumed that one of her friends had crashed their car again.

You notice that Rachel's throat is slashed. She doesn't seem to notice.

Rachel says that when she came down the stairs, she found herself face-to-face with a guy wearing nothing but a pair of boxers. He was just staring at her, not moving or speaking.
 She tried to scream but he slapped her across the mouth and she fell unconscious.
You pull your shirt off and examine the blood on your chest. There's a big cut across your left nipple, almost completely severing it.

You realize you might not be in the realm of the living anymore...

Your eyes open wide as you stare into the empty space above you. This is the first time you've ever seen anything besides your own reflection since waking up in this place.
The last thing you remember was being attacked by a crazy sorority girl and falling down the stairs.

You try to stand up and realize your ankles and wrists are chained.
 You also feel something sharp jabbing into your right side. You turn around and see a woman dressed all in white standing behind you. She's holding a large syringe filled with a clear liquid.

"Do you know who I am?" The woman asks.
You shake your head.
She smiles cruelly. "I'm Doctor Lillian. I've been observing you for some time now."

Dr. Lillian explains that the fraternity donated you for experimentation in exchange for free rent.
 They're testing various drugs and chemicals on you to determine which ones will give them the most information about human psychology.
"What do you want me to do?" You ask.
Dr. Lillian gives you a prescription for some pills that will help you sleep.

The pills do not work, but have the following side effects:

• After taking the pills, you experience vivid dreams. Each dream seems to be set in a different location and has a very specific theme. For example, one of your dreams involved being forced to eat a hot dog with a small child sitting on your lap.
 Another one was about a man named Todd.
• In your dreams, you sometimes feel as though you're watching someone else's life unfold.
• Sometimes, you'll wake up in the middle of the night screaming.

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