EP 421 – Story #2

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You are a kid named Stacy. Tonight is Halloween and you are excited to start Trick-or-Treating! Unfortunately, your five friends are very weird. They are wearing the following strange costumes:

Your friend Kim is dressed as an old lady with white hair and black lipstick. Your other three friends have all been transformed into animals by some sort of alien magic or science. You can tell they are not real animals because their skin glows like it's on fire and there are many tiny tubes attached
 to them that go everywhere except where they need to be. One girl has cat ears and another one has a dog head but her tail is long enough to reach around behind her back and tie in front of her ass.

Your Mother ushers you out the door and when she sees your friends costumes she says " just another day in chernobyl"
 then laughs at herself. The girls look at each other confused while you try to figure out what she means. When your mother hands you a bag full of candy and leaves for work, your friends give you odd looks as if they don't believe what you said about your mother being funny.

You ignore them and dump all the candy into a little pumpkin shaped bucket to collect candy.
 As you walk down the street collecting candy, people stop you and ask why you're carrying so much candy. You explain that you live far away from everyone else and that this year you will do better than last year because you will get more candy tonight.

You notice your last friend has a very odd costume:
 he is dressed as a robot. He doesn't say anything when you ask him why he's dressed like that and simply smiles. His smile scares you so you decide to leave him alone and keep walking.

You tell you robot friend, "My friend, Tony, got a great haircut on Tuesday. His hair is hot."
 Then you run off to find someone who wants to eat some candy. You hear the robot laugh at you behind you and you feel his eyes boring into your back.
Tony, the robot, follows you all night.

You make it your nights mission to force Tony the Robot to talk.
 You follow him through town and catch up to him only to discover that he has somehow become invisible! Now you are stuck chasing a ghostly figure who moves faster than any human could ever hope to move.

You say something that you know will get Tony's attention:
 "I'm going to fuck you up!" You pull out a pair of scissors and hold them above your head ready to cut him down. But instead of getting scared, Tony gets angry. He grabs you by the throat and lifts you off your feet.

 animal friends run to your rescue.
 "What the hell is wrong with you? That's my girlfriend!"
The girl with cat ears and dog head says, "Yeah, I'm her best friend and we are all together now.

While Tony is distracted, you knock off his Robot costume helmet to reveal
 a face that looks exactly like yours. You are both stunned by how similar you look.
Kim says, "Oh shit! We've got to get out of here before he realizes it's me."

Tony, dressed as us, starts to punch Kim, also dressed as us and in a robot voice says "give me all your candies!"

"Nooooo!" You scream as you watch Tony grab your Halloween bucket full of candy and toss it to the ground.
You start to run away but your friends grab you and drag you back to Tony.

Tony tells you, "For betraying our friendship, your punishment is
He raises his hand and all of you suddenly disappear!
Chapter 2
In your dream, you are floating in a pitch black room. All you can see is darkness. Suddenly, a light appears in the distance and you are able to see a large open space.

You are born again as a
 beautiful woman. Your body is perfect. You have long blonde hair and blue eyes. You have a cute button nose and a pouty mouth. You are wearing a pink dress that covers your whole body.

You look out and see that Halloween night has ended, but Helloween is just beginning!
 A crowd of demons has gathered to celebrate the end of the world.
You float over to the edge of the building and jump out. You land on top of a demon's head. You push the demon off of you and onto the floor below.

Next time on "Stacy's Helloween Freakout":

It's a little too late to change your costume, but you are still determined to be sexy for Halloween.
The End?
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A Note From The Author: This story was originally posted on October 31, 2012.