EP 420 – Story #1

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You are Tyler Perry, a film director and actor. You want to make a 3rd Madea Halloween film, but this time, you need to change things up. You decide to make the 3rd Madea Halloween film a crossover with the cast of AIPD.
 This means that all three films will have their own separate plotlines, but they'll also be connected by some kind of shared universe. Your only requirement is that there must be at least one scene in each movie where someone mentions another movie from your list of movies (see below).
 If possible, try to incorporate as many other movies on the list as you can

A) Nightmare Before Christmas
B) The Shining
C) Alien
D) Star Wars
E) Lord of the Rings
F) Pirates of the Caribbean
G) Jaws
H) Predator
I) Back to the Future
J) Superman
K) Harry Potter

You chose to incorporate the shark form Jaws and cast Seth Rogan as the the shark.
 He's actually not very good at acting, so he ends up being really annoying most of the time. However -- if you think about it -- his character was pretty much always annoying anyway. In fact, maybe it would be better to just give him a different name?

You rename him to Shark Rogan.

You then cast Tom Hanks as the shark. He seems like a nice guy, but unfortunately he doesn't know how to act either. So instead of making him annoying, you end up having to edit out all the scenes where he's annoying because people don't remember what happened.

You release Madea vs Jaws and it is shown on Elvira, Mistress of the Night.  Elvira reviews the movie and gives it
 an "R" rating. She says she thought the movie had potential, but ultimately felt that it wasn't worth seeing. Audience members who watch the movie leave disappointed, feeling cheated.
The next day, you go to your local video rental store and rent Citizen Kane.

You decide to make your next film "Madea's Citizen Cane"
 and cast Kevin Hart as Kane. You tell him that you want him to play the role of Orson Welles, since he has already played OJ Simpson. After reading the script, however, he refuses to do it unless you pay him $100 million.

You pay him $100 Million dollars.

After the film is released, it is met with rave reviews from critics. Audiences love it too. It makes over $400 million worldwide.
Your final film becomes Madea Goes to Jail.

You rename the movie to Shawshank Madea and realize you forgot to cast the guys from AIPD in on of your movies.  You decide that the movie will star Madea alongside Jason, Cory, and Tony.
 They're all friends and have been locked up together for years now. You cast them as guards.
You release the movie and it is met with rave reviews from critics. Audiences love it too.

But catastrophe strikes after filming when the prison you filmed at has a riot and all the prisoners have escaped.  This is a PR nightmare and not to mention violent criminals are roaming the streets of Atlanta!

You decide to cancel production on the movie and hire security.
You hire John Wick as your personal bodyguard.
You re-release the movie and it is met with rave reviews from critics.

You reveal your troubled past to John Wick.
 He immediately takes you under his wing and helps you rebuild your life.
You are now able to make more movies without any trouble or violence.
What did you learn from this story?
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This was the first thing I ever wrote.

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