EP 415 – Story #1

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You are Claire Edwards, a woman having a girls night out at Olive Garden. As a joke, you order "infinite breadsticks." To your surprise, the waiter accepts and brings the order to the kitchen. A few minutes later, you hear screams from the back of the restaurant, followed by a wave of breadsticks bursting through the kitchen doors. The mass of breadsticks continues to pour out, sweeping up everything and everyone in its wake. You and your friends escape to safety... but for how long?
 Will they be able to survive this onslaught of breadsticks? Or will their lives become one endless nightmare?
This is an original story that I wrote during my senior year of high school. It's been quite popular with readers, so much so that it inspired me to write another installment.

You escape to higher ground, and watch the stream of breadsticks flow by.
 They continue on like some kind of river, leaving destruction in their wake as they pass over buildings and cars. Eventually, they reach a dead end where there are no more people or vehicles to block them off.

You realize there's only one person to call in this situation. You dial up Jason, who never gets infinite breadsticks.
 He answers immediately. "Hey man! What's up?"
"I need help," you say. "There's a swarm of breadsticks coming down Broadway Street. We're trapped on top of a building!"

You hear in the background: "Ladies, I heard that Tony came back to AIPD. Now we can gaze at his hot hair."

"Oh my god, that was hilarious!"
"Yeah, that was funny as shit. And now he's gonna die."
"Can you do something about it?"
"No, dude, I'm stuck in traffic.

Jason approaches the breadsticks, and they start to disappear, making Jason furious.
 "What did you do?! You didn't tell him about the breadsticks, did you?!"
"Yes, yes, I told him all about it. But then he said he had to go because his girlfriend was pregnant."

In desperation, you make your way to an armory fully stocked for this exact situation.
 Your friends have already made it inside when you arrive. You grab a couple of guns and head outside.
The breadsticks continue to vanish before your eyes. Each time one vanishes, Jason becomes angrier.

You grab a flamethrower and say, "It's time to make this bread dead."

You fire the flamethrower into the swarm of breadsticks. It explodes instantly, causing the breadsticks to burst apart like confetti. You breathe a sigh of relief.
Then you see the remains of the breadsticks on the ground.

You see the breadsticks suddenly start to merge with each other and form one gigantic enemy breadstick with cheese the size of a sky scraper!

You run away from the giant breadstick, screaming.
You reach the edge of the roof, and look down at the street below. There are dozens of people staring up at you. They all point and laugh.

You know what you have to do: You sing happy birthday to Jason.  This gives him infinite rage and he is able to take on the giant breadstick all by himself.

He blows it up with a single shot from his gun.
All the people on the street cheer.
You are safe now.
But what happens next? Stay tuned for the second chapter of "Breadsticks Gone Wild"!