EP 412 – Story #3

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You are Harold Whittaker, an ailing newspaper writer in Massachusetts. Your wife has died one year ago and you're finally beginning to feel yourself again. One day you come into the office early only to find that your typewriter has a page already on it saying the words
 "It was all just a dream" followed by the number 13. You begin to wonder if this is some sort of message from your dead wife.
You have been married for eight years and love her very much.

You wake up the next morning and come into work to see another page on the typewriter. It reads "
It was all just a dream." This time it's 14. Then 15, 16, 17... The pages keep coming until you get to 18. You sit there reading them all and trying to make sense out of what they say.

You do some research online and realize these are lyrics to a Biggie song.  You try and get a hold of Notorious BIG.
 He doesn't answer his phone or return your emails. Finally you track down someone who knows him and tells you he's gone missing. You decide to drive out to New York City to look for him.

Everyone you ask for help with finding biggie answers with * "¯_(ツ)_/¯"*

What do you do?
I had always wondered what would happen if I ever found myself in a situation like this.
It seemed so far-fetched.
But now that it was here, I wasn't sure how to handle it.

A scraggly looking man that hears you mention Biggie tells you he knows exactly where to find him.  You follow him to
 a run down building in Brooklyn and he knocks on the door.
After a few moments, it opens and a large black man steps out.
He looks at you curiously and says "You gots to be new.
 I don't know nobody named Biggie."
You tell him about the pages on your typewriter and he seems interested.
He invites you inside and leads you through a dingy apartment filled with posters of rappers.

He removes the extra-large poster of Biggie to reveal a secret passage.
  You enter and find yourself in a room full of stacks of paper.
The man introduces himself as B. Dizzy.
"I'm not sure why you're here but let me explain."

You interrupt B. Dizzy and say, "Sir, I peed my pants and I'm afraid that I'm about to poop my pants."

B. Dizzy laughs and says, "Just calm down. We'll get you cleaned up and then we can talk."
He takes you into the bathroom and starts running water in the sink.

B. Dizzy lifts you off your feet and places your butt on the countertop. He begins to change you into a pair of spare corduroy pants.

As he does this, you notice a tattoo on his arm. It's a picture of a young girl with long hair and sad eyes.
She's wearing a dress that reminds you of the kind your mother used to wear when she would take you to church.

You ask B Dizzy, "who's the beautiful lady on your arm?"

B. Dizzy replies, "That's my daughter."
He finishes changing you into the pants and hands them to you. He walks you back into the main room and sits you down on the couch.

You say, "Dizzy, I need to know everything about this man Biggie. Do you think you could help me out?"
B. Dizzy laughs and says, "Boy, you really don't know shit.

B. Dizzy plays Biggie's entire discography for you.  You learn everything you need to know about Biggie's life and upbringing.

You also find out that he has a daughter named Jasmine.
"I've been searching for her since she disappeared over ten years ago."
You offer to pay him for his time.

Biggie emerges from the shadows and says, "you help me find my Jasmine, I put you on the new album."

You thank him and leave the apartment.
You make your way back to the car and drive to a nearby diner.
You order two cheeseburgers and fries and eat them while you continue to read the lyrics.

You read the lyrics until they hypnotize you.  You come to the sudden realization that you love Biggie's flashy ways.  As you snap out of your hypnotic state, you know exactly where to find Jasmine:
 the club called Club Playa.
You pull up to the club and walk inside.
You are greeted by a very attractive woman who asks, "Can I help you?"
You say, "I'm looking for Jasmine."

A brutish man stand between you and the attractive woman and says "you need an invitation to get in here". The man then lets 4 robed and hooded figures into the club when they present invitations stamped with a strange crest.

The bouncer says, "These are all fake. Only real people with the right invitation get in here."
You ask the bouncer, "what do you mean?"
He says, "You see this crest?
 That means you have to be sponsored by the owner.
If you want to go in there, you need to speak to the boss. If he likes what he sees, then you get in.

You go around back and meet the owner.  The owner is instructing his minions to offload a mysterious glowing liquid into the club.

The owner says, "I've got a good feeling about this one.
Let's get him in."
You are ushered into the club and you see Jasmine dancing on stage.
You approach her and she smiles at you.

You whisper loudly to her "Heyyy, I'm with Biggie, I'm here to get you out."

Jasmine laughs and says, "I'm sorry, baby.
I told Biggie I'd never go back to him."
You say, "that's ok.
I just wanted to tell you how much I love your music."

You realize what you have to do to get her to return home.  You take a bottle of the mysterious liquid, pour it on the bar, and set it on fire.  The club burns down in a glorious fashion you watch it burn to the ground with Jasmine who is crying.

The last thing you hear before the flames consume the building is Jasmine saying, "I'm so happy."
You walk out of the ashes and you're greeted by a smiling B. Dizzy.

You whisper loudly to her "Heyyy, I'm with Biggie, I'm here to get you out."
B Dizzy removes his own face to reveal a void of stars and eyes "Nyarlathotep greets you" says the void
 of stars and eyes.
B. Dizzy says, "I've been waiting for you."
You walk into the void and begin to float away.
The void of stars and eyes says, "I will find you again."

Next time on The Search for Biggie's Daughter:

The void of stars and eyes finds you again.
Biggie's daughter says, "I'm sorry, baby.
I told Biggie I'd never go back to him."
You say, "that's ok.