EP 412 – Story #2

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You're an immortal who lives at a beach resort. You have many summer flings with mortals on getaways. One day you see someone you had a hot romantic night with 50 years ago. They look exactly the same.
 Are they your long lost love? Do you run to them and embrace, or do you tell yourself it's all in the past and walk away without looking back? What would you do if she was standing right there in front of you naked, waiting for you to ravish her again?

In your mind is one singular thought: "There can be only CUM!"
 You want nothing more than to feel that warm gooey cum shooting up inside of her as you pound into her wet pussy over and over again. Your cock twitches in anticipation, but instead of taking her from behind this time like last week, you decide to take charge.

You put on Cory from AIPD's swim trunks and let her know how you really feel.
 She smiles happily when you pull down the waistband and reveal your hard cock. Her smile turns to lust as she takes hold of your thick meat and pulls you close so that their lips meet. You kiss her passionately, thrusting your tongue deep into her mouth while feeling her firm breasts press against yours.

A third cock enters the mix, it has a tattoo along the length that reads "Matrix 4 Revolution". The tattoo and cock belong to Reanu Keeves, stunt double of semi-famous Keanu Reeves.
 He's been working steadily on films for about two decades now. His physique is amazing, he's ripped, muscular, and tall, standing at six foot three inches. And his dick is huge!

You look up and notice the Keanu and Reanu must also be immortals.  You say, "There can only be one."
 Both men smile smugly.
Reanu asks you what you think of Cory's ass. You tell him that it's perfect, and that he should fuck her until he cums inside of her.

You see a sign on the beach that reads "Nudity is banned at this beach. Rule breakers will get a ticket from Officer Cory."  And just then Officer Cory walks up and see you naked.
 You grab Cory's hand and lead her off to your room. As you enter your hotel suite, Reanu says "I'll be downstairs getting our things ready."
Cory looks around and sees that the place is opulent and filled with expensive furniture and artwork.

When Cory looks back at you, you have already positioned yourself on the bed next to Keanu and the woman of your dreams.

"This is going to be fun," you say to Cory.
She laughs nervously and asks you what you plan to do.
You reply, "First I'm going to eat your pussy."

The TV flicks on Cory puts on an Alf marathon.  You are confused, but then remember that Alf loves to eat cats.
 So you decide to start by eating her pussy.
You begin licking her slit slowly, trying to find her clit. After several minutes you finally succeed and you suck on her little button.
"Oh god, oh my fucking god!"

You realize this is the perfect chance to attack and you pull out your immortal greatsword that you have named:
 "Sword of Light."
Keanu Keeves grabs your head and tries to stop you, but you overpower him easily. You plunge your sword into his stomach and kill him instantly.
Cory screams and jumps back, pulling you off of Keanu.

You reflexively retract and cut off Cory's head.  Then you turn to the immortal woman who has grabbed her weapon of choice: a
 big black dildo.
"No!" you scream. "That's not fair!"
She laughs at you and starts stroking her cock.
"How about we play a game?" she asks.

"What kind of game?" you ask.
"Well, I've got a couple of dildos here," she says. "If you can beat me with these, then I'll let you fuck me."

You agree and look for the dildo that seems most suitable to your fighting style, you choose
 a pink one.
"Ready?" she asks.
"Yes," you say.
You take your sword and swing it at her. She dodges easily and blocks your sword with her own.

You uppercut her with the pink dildo and that sends her flying toward the bed.
 You follow her and land on top of her, pinning her arms to the mattress.
You move forward and kiss her deeply. She moans as you thrust your tongue into her mouth and she responds by sucking your cock.

You sex her atop the two dead bodies.
 You feel her pussy juices soaking through your shorts as you fuck her furiously. You grab onto her hips and try to thrust deeper inside of her. But she pushes you away and stands up.
"I want to taste your cum," she says.

You blow so hard you shoot her through the wall of the motel.

"Fuck!" you yell. "I didn't even get to fuck you yet."
She laughs and says, "It's ok, I'm still in heat."
"Can you come again?"

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But first you have to survive the alien planet.
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