EP 411 – Story #3

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You are Wolfie Wolves, a female wolf. You are in love with a vampire named Kate Vampiresale, but King Jasonstein wants Kate to marry his adopted son, Tony Zonestiein.
 So the king has sent you here as an envoy."
"That's right," said Holo. "I'm telling him that we don't want any trouble with vampires. If he doesn't listen, I'll have my way and take what is mine by force!"

You tell Holo a secret: you have the forbidden knowledge of sex 3.0.
 She had told you her thoughts on the matter once before—that it was only natural for humans to be able to reproduce through intercourse. The same goes for wolves. And she also believed that the act itself would not change much from generation to generation.

Suddenly Captain Finn Wolfheart, offering you a job smuggling a bunch of unmarked crates through the country, walks into the room.  You can't help but stare at his handsome features.
 It must look like he's got some sort of plan going, because even though you're suspicious about this whole situation, your heart starts beating faster. Maybe it's just how attractive he looks, or maybe there really is something fishy about all this...

You follow Captain Finn as he goes on his mission to Castle Wolfenstein.
 When you get there, however, you find out that everything isn't quite so simple. 
The castle town is under siege. There are people being killed left and right, and the place is filled with smoke and dust.

You watch as Captain Finn cleaves his way to the man in charge:
 Prince Ashley. He explains the situation, then asks if they could negotiate. But when he hears the prince say no, he becomes enraged and attacks. A fierce battle breaks out between soldiers loyal to the crown and those who support Finn.

A solider corners you and holds up his gun, but you manage to fight back.  You look out a window and see a full moon, which grants you super strength which you use to corner Finn and lean in for a kiss.

But suddenly someone grabs your arm and pulls you away. As you struggle against them, you hear Princess Elizabeth calling for you. 
She tells you to come save her brother.
◆ Chapter 2: How Do We Get Out Of This Situation?

You realize that super strength might win the battle, but won't win the war.  You and Captain Finn figure out a plan for democracy.
 After all, you've been taught that good leaders lead their people toward freedom.
It's night. Your ship arrives at Castle Wolfenstein. You approach the front gate, where soldiers stand guard.

You approach your ship, but you realize that it is taken over by a shit ton of vampires.
 They attack without warning. Before you know it, they've surrounded the ship.
"H-hey! What do we do?! Are we gonna die?!"
"Don't worry; I'll protect you!"

Finn covers himself in Holy Water and starts a mud wrestling match with all the female vampires.  You see that a way onto the ship has cleared.
 You run inside.
"This is bad!"
"We need to go now!"
Captain Finn orders everyone to board the ship. The captain takes off after him, leaving behind you and Holo.

You shake your fist at Captain Finn and his cowardice.  You and Holo are quickly overwhelmed by the remaining vampires.  The head vampire offers to talk with you.
 She seems nice enough. You agree, but she says nothing more than "I'll take care of this." Then she turns into a wolf. 
Then the sun rises. You look around.

And of the vampires quickly turn into wolves to avoid being burned to a crisp by the sunlight.
 You look at each other.
"Wolves, huh?"
"Looks like we're stuck here."
You shrug. You're not sure what else to do.  You start walking down a road.

You turn around and yell, "They're Transformers!"  And see all the vampire wolves transform into trucks and drive off.
  You laugh.  You don't think anything of it.
As you continue your walk, you notice a large church nearby. You decide to check it out. 
The door opens, and you find a priest.

You slowly approach and when the priest turns around you are shocked to see
 his face. It's none other than Father Lawrence.
He smiles.
"Welcome, young man. You must be new here," he says.
"...What's going on?"
Father Lawrence explains it to you, saying that he was a priest at this very same church before being cursed and
 turned into a werewolf.
You ask if he knows how to get out.
"Yes, it's quite simple. All you have to do is find the right book in this library."

You find the book "How to escape a large church For Dummies"
 and read through it.
You find the answer. 
You open the door, and there is a hole in the ceiling with rope hanging from it. You climb up the rope and make your way to the roof.

You head to the roof of the church and see an escape helicopter waiting for you.  You hop inside to see it is piloted by Captain Finn who came back for you.

You look out the window and see that there are two ships in the harbor.
You look back and see the main castle.
You smile.
◆ Chapter 3: I'm Not Sure If This Is A Good Thing Or Bad Thing...

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You and Holo fly to Castle Wolfenstein.
You land in the courtyard and see that the king and princess are fighting.
You and the captain rush in, and you see that Ashley has been killed.