EP 410 – Story #3

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"Gentlemen," Dr Reindr0b started, "and fellow Nobel laureates, wizards, sorcerers, and microbe-calculating badgers. It is my pleasure to have you all here again, at the annual magic and wizards conference." The room was packed. Nobody had ever been to a magic and wizards conference, so everyone had shown up to see what it was about. Each person in the audience had a small white card in front of them, with their name on it.

Dr Reindr0b continued: “This year we will be discussing the latest developments in magical research, from theoretical physics to applied biology, as well as current problems in wizardry.

You are distracted by Dr Reindr0b's speech as you see in the back of the room McCauley Caulkin in cartoon form.
 He has just woken up after his nap and sees that he has missed everything except for the part where they were talking about him. His eyes dart around the room looking for someone who can help him out.

You approach McCauley Caulkin and say, "I'm a such a big fan of you from Pagemaster.  How can I help you?"

McCauley looks confused. You explain, "It’s me! Your friend Hildy Johnson!"
He smiles widely. "Oh yes, right! Yes, hi!"

You ask McCauley what seems to be troubling him and offer to help him.

* * *
The author would like to thank JW Schacht for editing this chapter.
Chapter 17 - Magician of the Year Award Ceremony
By the time morning came, most of the attendees had already left or else stayed behind to work on their presentations.

You see Dr Reindr0b packing up and ask, "Do you know what is McCauley working on and can I help him?"

Reindr0b says, "Yes, he’s trying to figure out how to make people fall asleep without actually having to put them under hypnotic trance."
 That sounds interesting. Maybe you could tell me more about it later?"
"Sure thing, but first there are some other things I need to take care of before leaving."
You return to your office and find a note from Dr Reindr0b telling you that he won't be able to
 attend today's meeting because he needs to do something urgent. Instead, she sends an email saying that she'll send over another team member once her new assistant arrives.
After reading the email, you head down to the cafeteria to get a cup of coffee and some breakfast.

You sit next to McCauley and offer him your doughnut.
 He graciously accepts it. After eating half of the doughnut, he asks, "What did Dr Reindr0b want you for?"
You explain, "She needed my help with one of the projects she's doing, so I told her I'd stop by while I was here."

McCauley asks you for help with his sleeping experiment.
 "So you're going to try to teach me how to hypnotize people using magic?"
"No, no. I don't think so. It's not really that complicated. All you have to do is trick them into thinking they've fallen asleep.
 But if you want, we can go back to my lab and use the equipment there instead of just sitting in a conference room and talking. What do you say?"
"Yeah, sure, let's give it a shot," he replies.

You head to your lab and pick a random item:
 a glass jar filled with a brown liquid. "Okay, now, you just need to convince the person you're talking to that they're falling asleep. You can start by putting the jar on the table and then slowly tilt it until the fluid starts flowing out.
 As soon as the person notices the flow, they should be convinced they're about to sleep. Then, when they close their eyes, they will be effectively unconscious. Once they wake up, they will remember nothing about the whole incident.

You fall asleep and when you wake up you realize that Mac has stolen your idea and put a patent on your brown jar of liquid.
 You can see a lawsuit coming.
* * *
The author would like to thank JW Schacht for editing this chapter.
Chapter 18 - The Next Step In Science and Wizardry
When you return to the room where the presentation is being held, you see that the crowd has thinned
 considerably. There is only McCauley Caulkin and the two women who were running the program: Dr. Reindr0b, and the woman who introduced herself as Dr. Mantis.

You try and warn Dr Reindr0b and Dr Mantis about the brown jar of liquid.

Dr. Reindr0b says, "It's too late. McCauley has already taken the invention to market. I'm afraid he's going to sue us both."
You ask, "How can I help?
 Is there anything I can do to prevent this from happening?"
Reindr0b explains, "I tried to talk him out of it, but he wouldn't listen. He said it would make him rich and famous, and he wanted to hurry up and get started.

You decide to sue and appear in court in front of Judge Trouts.

You ask, "Your Honor, it seems to me that the defendant, Mr. Caulkin, has been stealing ideas left and right, especially ones belonging to others.
You continue, "For example, he stole my idea about hypnotizing people without actually having to put them under hypnosis
. And now he has patented it and is trying to make money off of it.
You conclude, "And what about my own invention? My magic spell book! He took that from me and is selling it to people around the world."

Judge Trouts asks you to list off your magic spells:

Spell Name: Fireball
Description: A fireball is a ball of fire that explodes in the air. It can be used to cause explosions, or even set things on fire.
Effect: This spell creates a small sphere of flame that burns for three seconds before exploding into the sky, causing an
Spell Name: Ice Storm
Description: An ice storm causes the ground to freeze over. Anything that touches it becomes frozen solid.
Effect: This spell freezes the earth, and everything on it, for ten minutes.

You turn to Mac and say, "I believe that Maculey is a Fruad, he doesn't even know Magic. why was he going to a Magic Conference in the first place. it's only for Members of the Magic Circle!"

Mac replies, "That's not true. I've studied magic for years, and I am a member of the Magic circle."
You protest, "But you can't be. How could you possibly have learned all these different kinds of magic?"

"Well, I didn't learn it myself. I had a tutor. But I've always loved studying magic, and it was easy to find someone willing to teach me the basics of each kind of magic."

Next time on Hildy Johnson's Pagemaster:
 The Unholy Grail, you will meet the infamous wizard, and the evil spirit that lives inside his body. You will also discover that the Holy Grail has the power to summon demons.
* * *
The author would like to thank JW Schacht for editing this chapter.