EP 409 – Story #3

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You are Clark Kent, a news reporter who is secretly Superman. You have been disguising your secret identity with a pair of glasses. However, one day you forget to wear your glasses to work. Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen look at you and start noticing how much you look like Superman. You fear that your co-workers will figure out your secret identity, so you jump out the window and start flying away.

Lois catches up to you in midair and grabs onto your cape. She says, “Clark! I know what’s going on here! Your secret identity isn’t just wearing those stupid glasses—it’s not even being Clark Kent!
 It’s actually Superman! And he can fly! So why don’t we go back to Metropolis? We could be together forever!”
And then she kisses him.

You level up and gain the following chubby powers:

Super Strength (D+): Double all stats for 1 hour per level.
Double Stats (C+): Gain an additional stat when leveling up. For example, if you had 2 strength already, gaining another would give you 4 strength instead.

You walk around Metropolis and wonder who else has had super powers the whole time you've been here.
 Then you spot someone who looks suspiciously familiar.
It's Lex Luthor. He waves his hand over some machinery and it starts making loud noises. The ground shakes as massive amounts of water pour into the streets below.

You ask Lex Luthor, "So being a big asshole is your super power?"

"No," he replies. "My superpower is making other people think they're assholes."
He laughs maniacally and walks off down the street.
The next day, Lois calls you again from her office phone.
 She sounds scared but excited.
She asks, "Did you really kiss me last night?"
"Was it good?"
"I didn't get any details."
She sighs.

You ask Lois how to defeat Lex Luthor.

She tells you, "Lex Luthor is smart enough to realize that there aren't many superheroes left alive. If he wants to stop us, he'll need to find our weaknesses first. That means finding something about each of us that makes us vulnerable.
 Something we won't expect."
You spend several days observing every person who works at the Daily Planet. When you finally discover their weakness, you leap through a nearby skyscraper window and land safely on top of the building.

You work your way down through each floor of the building, insulting people about their weaknesses.
 Finally you reach the bottom floor where Lois' desk is located. There you see her looking very worried. Her hands are shaking and she keeps glancing nervously towards the window. You sneak closer and listen carefully to what she is saying.

Lois says, "What do you want? Why did you come here today? I'm busy..."
You step forward and grab Lois by the shoulders, lifting her up off the chair and forcing her face right up against yours.

You tell Lois her weakness:

“Your weakness is your inability to admit you're wrong.”
You slam her head hard into the table and she goes limp in your arms. You throw her body out the window and watch her fall to the pavement below.

You see a small yappy dog that is bothering you.
 You bend down and pick it up, holding it close to your chest. As you stand up, the dog growls menacingly at you and bites you on the arm.
You look at the bite mark and then turn around and walk away.

The dog barks one more time.  You kick the dog into the Sun.

You have leveled up and gained the following chubby powers:
Super Strength (B-): Double all stats for 1 hour per level.
Super Speed (A-): Move twice as fast for 1 hour per level.

Jimmy Olsen stands in front of you with his camera.  A picture of you kicking a small dog into the Sun is on the front page of the Daily Planet the next day.
 Jimmy Olsen smiles and says, “Clark Kent, the Man of Steel!”
You walk past him and say, “Hey, Olsen! I’m not Superman, okay?
 It was just a joke.”
Olsen says, “Oh no! Clark, don’t worry. Superman wouldn’t be so cruel as to kill an innocent little puppy.

You kick Olsen into the sun.

The next day, you receive an invitation to attend a party hosted by Lex Luthor. You dress up for the occasion and arrive at Lex Luthor's mansion. He greets you warmly and invites you inside to enjoy some fine champagne.

Lex extends out an invitation to join the Legion of Doom.

You laugh and decline.
"I'm sorry, Lex. The Legion of Doom is a group of villains who work together to achieve evil goals. I am not a member of that organization."

You kick Lex Luthor into the Sun.

The next day, you receive another invite from Lex Luthor. This time he offers you a job.
"I know you've been wondering why Lex Luthor has suddenly become such a nice guy.
 He's recruiting new members. If you'd like, you can join us. We'll take care of you."
You laugh and refuse again.
"I'm sorry, Lex. I cannot accept your offer."

On the next episode of Injustice:
 Gods Among Us, you are given a new power:
Superman Punch (C+): When punching someone, they will get knocked back several feet. However, this only applies to people who aren't wearing any armor or heavy clothing.