EP 407 – Story #1

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The Wheel of the Worst: A Torture Device for the Modern Age! The wheel is spun three times, each spin selects a video at random for the group to watch and then evaluate which video is the Best of the Worst! The wheel contains the following eight terrible VHS tapes:	

  LESBIAN CHEERLEADERS GET IT ON AT THE END OF EVERY P.M. CLASS!!! (Contains footage from a Cheerleading Competition.)
  WOMEN'S BODYBUILDING CONTEST!!!!! (Videos containing nudity are not allowed on this channel.)
 (Extremely graphic content!)
5.  GAY COCK VIDEOS!!!!!!!! (Gay porn videos with extreme gay sex scenes that will be banned if they appear here!)
  GRANDPA TAKES HIS DAUGHTER TO WORK FOR HER FIRST DAY!!!!! (This tape has been banned by every country but Canada.)
  NEWLYWED SHIT SHOW!!!!!! (Every week the new husband gets fucked in front of his wife while she watches!!!)
  RUSSIAN MILF PARADE!!!! (These Russian women have no clothes on whatsoever! They also perform other sexual acts such as eating pussy or sucking cock!)

You attempt to spin the wheel, but it is stuck because of a pile of clothes Cory threw away because somebody pooped on them.  They have jammed the wheel!
 You can't get it unstuck without throwing out some more clothing...which you don't want to do because your mom needs these items for her work project.
What should you do?

You take the wheel to the dealership to repair.
 However, when you arrive at the auto shop, you find that there is nobody working today due to the holiday weekend. So instead, you decide to make an appointment for tomorrow morning.

The dealership repairs the wheel and you give a spin!  The wheel lands on the first tape:
 "Homo Sapiens Suck My Dick And Then I Fuck You In The Ass!!"
"I hate that one," says Eric.
"Me too!" adds Tiffany.

You watch the tape with Eric and Tiffany and are surprised at the plot:
 It's about two guys who go shopping together. One guy buys something nice so he gives the gift to the other guy.
 When the second guy opens the box, he finds a dildo inside. He tries using the toy, but it doesn't fit into his asshole. Eventually, he puts it back in the package.

The second guy goes home and takes some poppers to loosen his butthole. Then he tries the dildo again.
 This time it fits perfectly in his ass and he fucks himself silly. Afterward, he realizes that his girlfriend is coming over for dinner.

The girlfriend enters the house and yells, "Happy birthday, SureWhyNot. You're a really cool guy."
 She kisses him on the lips and then begins rubbing up against him. She reaches down between their bodies and starts fondling his dick.
Afterwards, the girlfriend leaves.

And in walks the girlfriends mother
She looks around the room and sees the boyfriend lying naked on the bed with a huge boner sticking straight up.

The tape ends and you spin the wheel again to land on:
 "Lesbian Cheerleaders Get It On At The End Of Every P.M. Class!!!!"
"Oh god, not that one," groans Tiffany.

The movie opens with a sleepover study party, and the cheerleaders going over their notes.

Then the camera cuts to the cheerleader sitting next to the teacher. Her name is Jennifer.
Jennifer is wearing her uniform. She has short brown hair, big breasts, and long legs.

Jennifer tries to sneak a note to her friend Betsy. The teacher catches them and gives them a sexy punishment:
 she makes the girls strip down completely.
Now all the girls are nude.
Jennifer leans forward and whispers in Betsy's ear.
Betsy is stunned.

Jennifer whispers, "
We can do anything we want to each other. Right?"
Betsy nods her head.
Betsy gets closer to Jennifer.
They kiss.
Their tongues begin exploring each others mouths.

The teacher instructs everyone to take notes on what they're seeing.

Meanwhile, Jennifer and Betsy start making out.
Suddenly the door bursts open.
It is the principal of the school.
He screams at the students.
"Get dressed right now.

" The tape abruptly ends.  You spin the wheel a final time and land on:
 "WOMEN'S BODYBUILDING CONTEST!!!!! (Videos containing nudity are not allowed on this channel.)"
You look at the three tapes.

Eric says, "I don't want to watch any of those videos. They are disgusting. Let's go to the mall or something. I'm tired of watching porno movies anyway."

Tiffany insists on watching the tape. It turns out the tape is about:

A woman named Emily is shown on the screen.
Emily is the president of her sorority.  As such, she is very popular with the guys.

Mike: "You know the rules, Tiffany. We have to watch and review these movies."

Tiffany: "Yeah, but...this is different. This is a women's bodybuilding contest. There will be no cheating, no drinking, and no drugs.

Emily proceeds to get drunk and high and have sex with an entire fraternity, while doing biceps curls.

Mike: "You are missing the point."
Tiffany: "What? I don't understand.
 What do you mean?"
Mike: "These men are trying to win a competition. They are competing for the affection and sexual attention of an attractive young girl like you.

Next time on Wheel of the Worst:
 The next tape you see is about a guy who goes to the doctor complaining about erectile dysfunction. The doctor gives him a prescription, but he doesn't fill it.

You pick the tape that you think was best of the worst:
 "The Man Who Refused To Take His Viagra!!!!!"
The movie begins.
The man is seen entering the office.
The receptionist asks the man to wait.