EP 406 – Story #2

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You are Detective Case, a professional private eye. You have been assigned to catch a thief that's been stealing buckets in your city. The thief always leaves behind a pile of clothes at the scene of the crime. You believe you have what it takes to find the thief. However, you get a little worried when you realize that the thief stole your popcorn bucket. You say, "Ah, my bucket!"	

“What do I need?” asked Holmes. “A clue? A confession? Some proof? No!

Sitting across the desk is your assistant: Bob Odenkirk pretending to be Steven Colbert pretending to be Bob Odenkirk.
 He has an entire costume closet full of costumes and props. He can change his appearance with one quick phone call.

You and Bob search the streets of London looking for clues on this case that keeps getting colder by the second.  Suddenly you hear a young woman scream, "Ahhh my bucket!!!"
 and run off into the night.

Bob runs after her, but she disappears around a corner before he can reach her. What does Bob see? What did you both miss?

Bob tells you to run but it is too late as he is engulfed in a human remains tornado.  You run into a nearby tavern for safety.
 There you meet a mysterious man named John Smith who says he knows how to save Bob from the deadly whirlwind. But first he wants to know if you want him to turn himself into a giant spider.

You say, "Fuck yes!" and he hands you a human remains tomato before beginning his transformation.
 How will this affect your investigation? Will it help or hinder you? Can you still solve the mystery? If so, where will you go next?

You watch John Smith complete his transformation into a giant spider.
 Then you take out your smartphone and text Bob.
He texts back saying, “I knew you could do it. Let me just check something real fast... Ahh, fuck!
 That was close. We got away clean though. Thank god we had the spider there.”

Then you leave the pub and walk down the street toward the place where the girl disappeared.

You see Bob has returned from the tornado unscathed, but he is wearing a new outfit:
 a black suit with red trim, white shirt, and tie. His shoes match the color scheme perfectly.
“Wow,” you say. “That looks great on you!

You find the young girl and ask if there was anything particular about her bucket. She says, "It was full of honey and had a small leak."

You explain that you were investigating the disappearance of several buckets in the area and thought maybe she saw someone steal them.

The girl then reveals herself to be Mary Lou.

Mary Lou say she saw a bear without pants in the area shortly before her bucket was stolen.

She explains that the bear looked like an older gentleman.
But you don’t believe her story. Why not?
You say, "Well, I guess that makes sense.

You go to the local underground leather bar and start asking the bears if they've seen someone with a bucket.
 You find two men who have similar stories to Mary Lou's. One of them even points at a specific bear and says, "That guy stole my bucket!"

You see a bear in a red shirt with no pants and one of his hands stuck in a bucket of honey.

You recognize the bear as Steve. He seems to be enjoying himself immensely, laughing and joking around.
Your investigation continues, but you haven't found any other clues yet.

You follow Steve home and find all of the stolen buckets in his tree house.  You place Steve under arrest.

What happens next?
If you decide to make a deal, what kind of deal are you willing to offer?
What would you give up?
What would you risk?

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