EP 405 – Story #3

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They say that there are infinite worlds, all stacked up, on top of each other, in layers. Each layer belongs to a person, and when someone blows out the candle, that person dies, and their world is gone for good. There are numerous layers; I've been to most of them. One of the last ones I found was the one the people of the sky call 'Pandyland'. I have seen many places in the inverted world, strangest of which is AIPD Universe.

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The Lost World
"It's not too late," said Vasiht'h, "to make it right."

Lisinthir laughed softly as he took his seat across from him at the table. "I'm afraid you misunderstand me, my friend.
 The time has passed long ago for making amends or even excuses. We both know why we did what we did. It would be foolishness now to pretend otherwise."

You ride into the room on a raptor and say, "Sorry boys, it's dino time!"
 He winces. You look down your nose at him. "Now then... what shall we play?"

Corthaliath, the Truth Bringer, beckons you outside.
 She promises a game so old that no one remembers how it began anymore—and yet they will never forget its ending. As she leads you away, her fingers trace patterns against your skin.

You ask her, "What game is that?"
 And she laughs like a hyena.
 Her laugh makes your blood run cold. But it also thrills you because you can't help but think: This woman knows things about me I don't want anyone else knowing.

You ignore her laughs and begin the game.  Corthaliath says the rules of the game are simple:
Rule 1 -
 If you die, you must kill yourself. No exceptions.
Rule 2 - All decisions are final. Do not appeal any decision made by another player.

Rule 3 - No talking while playing.
Once you agree to these terms, you may begin the game.
Your first task is to choose three items that best describe your character.
 These do not need to match exactly with anything in this book, though if you wish to avoid spoilers, please use words that do not reveal details about the story.

You choose the following 3 items:
 A body that aches from years spent moving through space.
2. A mind full of stories told by those who came before.
3. An eye that sees more than others see.

She pulls out another sourcebook with the following additional rules:

Rule 4 - Your character cannot leave the world.
Rule 5 - Characters cannot interact with each other except via direct physical contact (i.e., touching).

You realize she has tricked you into play a game of sex.  As to not be rude, you ask, "is this the rules to Sex 3.0?"

"No," she replies. "This is just the start. After this, there will be many games to come."
You stare at her. You are shocked by what you hear.
 Then you laugh. You're still laughing when you return to the tower and find Lisinthir waiting for you.  He asks, "Did I miss something amusing?

You tell him, "Can someone come here and touch my balls? I like kicking balls Hehehe."

"That sounds delightful," he says. "Why don't we go together?"
"Because..." You stop. Because he's going to try and make me do it again.

You realize that you cannot reason with the people on this island and you decide to live amongst the dinosaurs.
 You walk into the room and say, "It's dino time!"
They all cheer.
 They invite you to sit at their table, and they give you a name. You say, "I'm Vasiht'h. What's yours?"
They all look at one another.
 "We have no names."
You look at them. "I'll take 'you'."

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The Lost World
The Lost World
Vasiht'h was glad for the distraction as they walked.

The moral of dinosaur time is
 "don't talk to people who have sharp teeth and big claws." He was sure that was the lesson, anyway. He'd been surprised at how quickly the rest of them had agreed to it.

The rules of Dinosaur Time:

Rule 1 - You can only move forward.
Rule 2 - You can only speak to the person standing next to you.
Rule 3 - You must wear clothes.