EP 403 – Story #3

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You are KyrilGrey at an arcade place, you are waving to the opposite end of the ice hockey table whilst you're playing ping-pong. You hear someone behind you, they bump into your back and burp, "Ding-dong!"

"Oh my god, what's wrong with you?" you say as you turn around and see a familiar face.

You shocked to see that it is Chug Bingus!  Famous for his
 ability to drink nearly anything he can get his hands on, from milk through beer and even wine (and once even sake!)

You are so scarred that you as a reflex hand Chug Bingus a pile of clothes that you stole from Cory from AIPD when he wasn't looking.
 It was funny then, but now... well, you have no idea how much this will hurt him later.
"Ahh," says Chugbingus as if nothing happened.

You level up and gain the following coward powers:

* * *
Fearless - Your fear resistance has been increased by 50%
Stomach Acid - When eating food or drinking liquids, any damage dealt to your stomach area is reduced by 20
%. This does not stack with Stomache Pills.
Clothing Tear Resistance - Clothing worn over your body will be able to resist clothing tears by 10% more than normal.

You head to the floor manager of the arcade and say, "Hey! There's Tony. Oh look... a big red button on the floor that says 'Cancel', I wonder who that belongs to?"

The manager laughs and says, "That would be me."
He explains, "Every time one of these buttons gets pressed, all the other games stop working.

You press the cancel button and a kid playing the "Smash-it Steve" game goes berserk when his game turns off.
 He starts smashing everything in sight. The whole place shakes and people start screaming. So we've got a rule here. No kids allowed after 7pm.

You eyes dart to the wall amongst all the chaos and you notice A wanted poster that has your name on it. You're wanted for stealing Cory's clothes!

What do you do?
Click below to find out:
* * *
Your cursor hovers above the option screen.

As you stand next to your wanted poster, Officer Glug Chugson walks in and draws his as he yells as his voice cracks "WHEN WILL YOU LEARN THAT YOUR ACTIONS HAVE CONSEQUENCES?!"

He continues yelling until he notices you standing there and stops mid sentence. His mouth opens wide and he stares at you in shock.
"I'm sorry about that..." you say sheepishly.

You know what you have to do and challenge Officer Glug Chugson to a game of Smash-It Steve.

After some thought, you decide to play on easy mode. That way you won't accidentally kill anyone.
Officer Glug Chugson takes a deep breath and slowly exhales.

Everyone gathers to watch you face off on the arcade machine.  The battle is close, but the victory goes to
 you. You hit him three times before he hits you once.
You both collapse into each others arms laughing.
"This is great!" exclaims Officer Glug Chugson.

6 months later you and Glug are standing at the altar, about to say your vows to one another.

"So, what did you do?" asks Glug as he holds onto your hand tightly.
You smile and tell him, "Well...

You say your vows:

"Glugbingus, will you love and protect this girl, forever? And if she should ever leave, then I promise to take her back and never let go again?
 Will you always keep her safe and happy, even when I am not around?"
"Yes," says Gluggingus firmly.

The moral of the story:
 Don't mess with a man named Glug.
* * *
You stare down at the floor and think.
You don't want to be stuck with a guy like that.

Glug annoys you in the following ways:

* * *
He drinks too much.
* * *
His friends call him Glug.