EP 403 – Story #1

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My name is John Hammond, CEO of InGen and the head of the team that created the dinosaurs on the island. Through these boxes I'll tell my story. In '92, I finally had the incredible facilities and finances required for my dream project to finally become a reality. In my laboratory I made the greatest discovery of my life; a previously unknown DNA strand contained within a mosquito trapped in amber. With this I could bring my extinct animals back from the dead.

I was so excited about it all! But as soon as we began testing our dino-DNA samples, everything went wrong.

Just as you make a breakthrough, the security alarms go off.  The Fire Nation has invaded the island!
 They've captured everyone except me and Dr. Wu! We escape into the jungle where we're attacked by a pack of carnivorous plant creatures called "mangkukus."

You reach into your fanny pack and pull out your electric razor and attack the Mangkukus.
 You cut one down with ease but another gets close enough to bite you on the shoulder. It's only when you turn around to see what bit you do you realize there are two more behind you!

You use you Sozin's Comet, which Firelord Ozai wants to use to burn your island, to save yourself from the Mangkukus.
 Then, you spot something familiar coming up the hill towards you. There she is...your mother! She tells you how worried she's been since you disappeared during the invasion.

Your "mother" nags you about your career choices.
 How much time have you spent playing video games? How many times have you gone bowling without paying attention to her or your father?

You notice something is "off" about your "mother" and realize that this is just a dino trick!
 Your "father," who was supposedly killed during the invasion, comes over to try to calm his daughter down. He also tries to convince you not to fight anymore because he knows you will win.

You realize your father is in cahoots with the Fire Nation! You feel betrayed.
 When you hear him say that he doesn't want you fighting, you decide to leave before you can be used against your people again.

You have learned your own dino trick from the dinosaurs, and employ your raptor whistle!
 You blow it loudly, hoping someone will hear you. As you run away through the forest, you think about why they didn't come after you.

You look into the sky and see a giant
 comet hurtling toward earth. That must be the comet that destroyed the planet millions of years ago! You stop running and stare at the comet. You know exactly what you need to do now.

You throw Sozin's Comet at the comet heading for earth!
 Instantly, the comet explodes like fireworks! The blast sends an earthquake across the world!
The entire Earth shakes violently!

You are forced to pay for everyone's medical treatment for people injured by the quake, sparring no expense, and you are forced to liquidate Jurassic Park.
 The money goes straight to funding InGen's next project: cloning dinosaurs!
You start working on cloning the T-Rex. But as you work, you learn some disturbing things.

The moral of the story:
 Don't mess with Mother Nature.
To find out what happens next, check out part 2 of my epic saga!
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