EP 402 – Story #2

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Your name is Tony Horatio Rubicon Oliver Benjamin. You have been private messaged a Wikipedia URL. The page links to an article entitled "Throblembis Throbbermby". It appears to be describing a newly-discovered scientific species, but when you search for "Throblembis Throbbermby" on Google, you see a page saying 'No results found.' Now, you must go on a galactic quest in order to discover what a Throblembis Throbbermby is. What's worse, the initials of your name spell out "Throb"!

You are confused and worried that this might mean something terrible has happened to Caitlin.

You read further about the dangerous nature of Throblembis Throbbermby.
 A few seconds later, you receive another message: “Tony! I’ve got bad news – there’s no way we can get off Earth before it hits us.

You go to the library and look up Throb and find a strange book named
 The Book of Names. This tells you that Throblembs (the plural) was once called the Chimerae.

You turn around and run into a Thrumbo, a gigantic, graceful creature of unknown origin.
 She seems friendly at first, until she notices that you don't know who you are or why you're here.

Thrumbo tells you "you are the throbbing one. Prophesied to bring throbing to the throbless".
 She then gives you a special tool which allows you to control your body from afar.
She also warns you not to trust her fellow chimeras because they will try to kill you.

Thrumbo warns you "my people have already launched their first strike. A meteor sized turd that's headed towards Earth!"
 Then, she says, "I'm sorry, my dear, but if you want to survive this ordeal, you'll need to work with me."

Thrumbo introduces you to Knoblin The Throblin.
 He explains that his race had previously lived in peace with humans, but now he wants revenge for being driven away by humans.

You use the throb to convince Knoblin the throblin that we must all work together.
 Knoblinthethrobin agrees, so long as you promise to help him hunt down human intruders and make them suffer.

You lie and team up with Knoblin.  You perform the throbbin til you droppin ceremony in an attempt to through so hard the meteor is destroyed.

The next day, you check the status of the meteor and find that it has been completely destroyed.

The mayor gets you as a gift for the saving the city a throbbing pistol that shoots mini throbbing eyeballs. Every time an eyeball throbs after it has been shot from the Throbpistol, it grows in size and randomly teleports (it mainly teleports into ... holes  ).
 It is useful against enemies like the Throbbots (a new type of robot) that shoot eyeballs.

You say, "Thanks." and head outside to fight 100 enemy Throbbots.
 You defeat 99 of them easily, but the last Throbbot attacks you while you are fighting its friends.

Your favorite song gets put on you know that you have to throb harder than you've thorbbed before.
 Your heart beats faster and your blood pumps more vigorously throughout your entire body. The Throbbot is defeated, but it has taken some damage.

You throb the helpless Throbbot as it lay on the ground.
 The Throbbot's eyes start to glow and it slowly rises up and begins to walk.

The moral of the story:
 Don't get cocky.
Caitlin: Hi Tony!