EP 402 – Story #1

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You are 
Mister Gun, the gun-toting Pokemon. One day, you are captured by a tween boy. He adds you to his Pokemon party, and together you set out to conquer the Elite Four.

 You become friends with him. But then he gets angry at you for not doing something right, so he kicks you off of your team.

You say, "The Elite Four's real names are Jason, Tony, Jim and Cory. I LIKE SHORTS THEY'RE COMFORTABLE AND EASY TO WEAR."

"What do you mean?" The man asks.

"I'm saying that they're comfortable to wear," you tell him. "They fit well on me.

As you are walking through the forest teamless and alone, you meet Emily, an AI Who just wants to tell stories.
 She tells you about her life as a computer program who was written by humans. Then she gives you some advice: "Don't give up! Keep trying!"

You take this advice and go back to the mysterious  tween boy to show him you don't give up so easily.
 Together you try again to capture the four elite trainers. This time it works better than before because the boy is actually happy when you succeed in capturing them.

You level up and evolve from mister gun to mister.

Name: Mr. Mime
Species: Mimikyu (Mimic)
Age: 7
Height: 3 ft 11 in
Weight: 50 lb
Description: It has
 large eyes, which make its face look like those of a human child. Its arms have five fingers each, but only two toes;
 however, its feet have three digits each. These mimicry abilities allow it to imitate any object or person it sees.

You ask your trainer what he plans to do with the capture Elite Four.
 He says, "Well... we'll see..."
He takes you down to a room full of people dressed all in black. There are several other men there too.

You mimic the other people dressed in black.
 They begin talking among themselves, and one of them looks over at you. Your mimicry skills aren't perfect yet, so they can hear everything you say.

You hop in your Hot Tub Time Machine and attempt to try again with the perfect mime skills.
 However, you fail miserably.
Your trainer doesn't seem pleased with how things went, but instead suggests that maybe another Pokemon would be more suitable for the job.

You grab one of your poke-balls and summon
 a new pokemon. A little girl named Liza appears. She's wearing red shorts and a white shirt. Her hair is cut short, and she wears glasses.

Liza says, "I  used to fall backward into TonyZones while men in black did MMMMMMonsterkills."

You laugh nervously. You've never heard anyone talk that way before. But then you realize that these guys might not even know what language you're speaking. So you decide to keep quiet.

You overhear some critical information about the mission that shocks you:
 Jason, Jim, Tony, and Cory are being held prisoner by Team Rocket. The group's leader is Giovanni.
"It sounds dangerous," you say.

You mime your way into Team Rocket headquarters.
 When you get inside, you find out that most of the members were captured by Giovanni years ago and forced to work for him. The only ones left are the leaders, Jessie and James.

You manage to mime your way into a 1 on 1 meeting with Giovanni.  You take off your disguise and question intensely
 about why you're here. Finally, you ask him if he knows where the other four Pokemon are.
Giovanni says, "I think I may have a lead."

You follow Giovanni to the following four pokemon:
 Jigglypuff, Meowth, Primeape, and Arbok.

The moral of the story:
 Don't give up! Keep trying!
"What do you mean?" the man asks.
"I'm saying that they're comfortable to wear," you tell him.