EP 401 – Story #3

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You are Mr. Gifts, a guy who likes giving away things to those in need. One day, you buy an airplane ticket to Japan which you put in your pants and start heading toward the airport. On the way to the airport, you bump into a Japanese woman in a skirt. She looks upset, so you ask, "Are you okay?" She says her leg are cold, so you give her your pants. After getting to the airport, you realize that you don't have your ticket to Japan.
 So, you go back to find her, but she's gone. You look all over for her and finally, after hours of searching, you see her on a plane bound for Tokyo.

You are tackled by TSA agents as you try to sneak in and they take you to Super Jail.
 They strip search you, confiscate everything from your cell phone to your underwear, and then tell you to get out before they call the police.

You step outside the airport, totally naked.
 Your clothes were confiscated when you went through security. You walk around until it gets dark, looking for something else to wear. Finally, exhausted, you fall asleep under a tree next to the runway.

You notice a secret sewer entrance and notice it leads back to the airport.  You hop down and begin to traverse the sewer system.
 It is very narrow with low ceilings and there is no light at any point along its length. The sewers smell awful; it stinks worse than anything I've ever smelled.

You run into a giant rat dressed in a kimono.
 He tells you that he was once a human being like yourself and now lives in this underground world. He explains that he has been reincarnated many times and can remember his past life only vaguely.

You notice the ghosts of 4 teenage turtle fighters surround this rat.  The rat hands you a pile of clothes that belong to Cory from AIPD.
 You change and return to the surface where you meet up with him.
The four turtles explain what happened while you were in jail. There had been an attempt on Cory's life.

You know what you have to do and vow to avenge the person responsible for almost taking Cory's life:
 Professor Kakujo. You agree to help them kill Kakujo. But first, you must complete their mission.

You look at the picture of Professor Kakujo and are shocked to see it is the Japanese woman you gave your pants to.  You hop on the next flight to Tokyo and wait for her at her hotel room.

She comes home late one night and finds you waiting for her. She asks why you're here. You say you need to talk to her about something important. She invites you in.

You sit on the bed and notice your pants sitting on the floor.  As you attempt to reclaim them, she throws a tentacle bomb at you.
 She hits you with another tentacle attack. You manage to grab her tentacles but she pulls back and escapes into the bathroom.
As she runs away, she says "I'm not going anywhere!"

You load your boo-zooka and aim it at the bathroom door.
 She turns around and sees you pointing your gun right between her eyes. You fire.
There is a loud explosion followed by a flash of white light. When your vision returns, she is gone.

You look around and notice her dress lying empty on the ground.  Your boo-zooka must have worked!
 You pick up your pants and head back to the airport.
You arrive at the same time as Cory. You hand your clothes to him, saying you'll be needing these again.

The moral of the story:
 Don't give your pants to strange women in the middle of airports.
"Well, my dear, we seem to be in luck."
Professor Kakujo looked pleased.