EP 401 – Story #2

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You are John Kreamer, an ice cream scientist. You have been given the task of creating a sequel to the venerable Rocky Road. Your boss insists that your new flavor should be very special and truly unique.
 What do you do?
The first thing I did was make sure it would sell. That meant making something people wanted but didn't know they needed yet—something they wouldn't find anywhere else.

You add the following 10 addictive substances to the new ice cream flavor:
 Chocolate syrup (as much as you want)
2. Peanuts (the size of peanuts, not any other kind)
3. Coffee beans (ground up into powder)
 Cocoa butter (melted and added at the end)
5. Vanilla extract (in place of vanilla flavoring)
 Sugar substitute (a mix of sucralose and stevia; it tastes like sugar)
7. Baking soda (added for fizziness)
 Salt (to taste)
9. Caffeine pills (crushed up in the mix)
 Red food coloring (for color)
How many ingredients total will this recipe require?
My solution is simple enough.

Just as you are about to write this new recipe down, you notice a note on your desk.  It is The original Rocky Road recipe as written by your great great
 grandfather, James Kreamer, from 1867. He called his creation "Rocky Road" because he thought it sounded cool.

You wonder where this note came from but then you notice Cory from AIPD's clothes which were thrown into the buckets of ice cream.
 His shirt reads "AIPD".
You realize that the note must belong to him. However, there is no way you can steal this recipe without getting caught.

You say, "this will definitely sell better than my last Ice Cream Creation, Clum And Raisin."
 Then you go home and start work on your next flavor...

* * *
Chapter 8 - The Final Chapter!
When you get back to the lab after school, you notice that there is a box sitting outside your office door.

You open the box and it contains the ingredient that will catapult this new ice cream flavor to stardom:

Lemon juice concentrate (prepared by mixing lemon peel with water until all the white parts have dissolved). This concentration has an acidity rating of 3.0.

You release your new ice cream to the world and call it Cory Road, because it's cool.
 You decide to change the name every few months so people don't catch on too quickly.
You're now ready for round 2.

Cory Road is a huge success. After a few months, you rename the flavor as
 Lemon Pudding, because it's also really good. People love it. You keep churning out flavors and eventually create another version of the classic Rocky Road, which you dub "The Original".

You hold a contest with your customers get to pick the ingredients for your next flavor. your customers pick the following 

1. Ketchup (as much as you want)
2. Sausage (the size of sausages, not any other kind)
 Popcorn (popped kernels)
4. Bacon (sliced thin)
5. Ham (thinly sliced)
 Tuna fish (thick slices)
7. Cheeseburgers (made of cheese instead of meat)
8. Spaghetti noodles (cut into ribbons)
 Corn flakes (shredded)
10. Rice Krispies Treats (eaten whole)
What would be the best combination?
Your answer is obvious.

You choose


You add these 10 addictive substances to the new ice cream flavor:
1. Mustard (a dash or two)
2. Onion powder (chopped)
 Garlic powder (minced)
4. Pepper (ground)
5. Paprika (ground)
6. Tabasco sauce (a dash)
 Worcestershire sauce (a splash)
8. Salt (to taste)
9. Sugar substitute (a mix of sucralose and stevia;
 it tastes like sugar)
10. Baking soda (added for fizziness)
How many ingredients total will this recipe require?

The moral of the ice cream:
 If you are going to make a recipe, you should always ask yourself what's the most delicious thing you can do.