EP 400 – Story #2

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The sun was hot, but he didn't feel it. He slowly opened his eyes, looking up the path that led to the lighthouse. The cottages were small, but still seemed large to him. He had been here so long. Wherever here was. He stood, looking at the sky. He had never been given a name, like the others had, and so the locals had made up one for him. The 'starman'.
 They called him that because of how much time he spent outside in the night; they thought he must be some kind of alien or robot.
He walked down towards the beach.

He looked out at the water and saw the suns reflection in it. Then something breaks the water and catches his eye.
 It's big, as tall as two men. And there are more. A pod of them come swimming over. Starfish.

The starfish lead you to 400 piles of clothes that belong to Cory from AIPD.
 She said she would wash everything when she got back home again, but not everyone came back from their mission. Some of her friends died on Mars, and some just left without saying goodbye.
 Others came back with other people who weren't even human. There is a pile of clothes belonging to someone named Gwen, which has no label inside.

He gazes longingly at the sky and says to the starfish, "I wish to live among the stars."

They swim away into the ocean. One last look around before leaving this place behind forever. His hand reaches for the sea-glass pendant hanging round his neck.

As the Starman touches the sea-glass pendant a giant star emerges from the water and as he hops on it, it begins to ascend and heads for Mars at light speed.
 As it leaves the planet its gravity pulls all the rocks and trees on Earth together until they form a huge rock-castle.

The starman awakes and is standing on the surface of Mars.  He looks around and wonders how he can breath on the martian surface.  But then he looks at the pendant which appears to be giving him oxygen.
  He realizes what happened and thinks about the journey he took through space.  Suddenly he sees himself in a mirror.
"Oh my god!"
The man screams loudly.

He notices the trip through space has changed his body to a new form resembling a
His face is pale white with blue hair and black eyes. He also seems to have very strong muscles. He walks over to a window and looks out onto a cityscape.

She arrives in town and a passerby asks her name. She thinks for a moment and says "starwoman".

Her appearance causes quite an uproar. People point and laugh at her while others try to talk to her. She finds herself being followed by many curious onlookers.

She wonders what all the fuss is about until she looks up at a huge billboard with her face on it.  "How is this possible!?"
 she exclaims.
After walking further into the city she comes across a large building that resembles a church. It reminds her of her old life.

She enters church as sees a starfish that looks like it recognizes her.
 The starfish tells her that she should go up front and kneel down as if praying.
When she does so she feels something strange happening to her.
 Her head starts spinning and she falls forward onto her knees. She remembers the time she was here before, kneeling like this. She saw something...

A bright light shines over her and she sees the magnificent vision of
 God Almighty sitting on his throne. A great voice booms out from above, saying, "Behold, I am coming soon! Behold, My glory is upon thee!"

She ask God, "have you heard of 'Sister act" and "Sister Act 2", well Whoopi Goldberg's character was based on me."

God replies, "I've seen it, and you are not her, you are not even close, you are nothing but a weak, pathetic, spineless, human being who cannot take care
 of your own needs. You need to grow up, and learn that you are not special. Your only purpose in life is to serve Me.

She bitch slaps God.
 She is told that she will now die, but she gets to see her mother again. She says goodbye to her mom, and she is sent back home.

The moral of the story:
 Don't slap God, because you'll get slapped right back.
Starman's Story (Part 1)
The Starman is wandering aimlessly through a dark and empty universe.