EP 399 – Story #3

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You are Tony, a guy who has been sent to his room for sneaking into screenings of R-rated film. Your legal guardian, Jason, tells you to stay in your room for the next three hours. After spending fifteen minutes in your room, you sneak out of your room and go to Jim's house.
 You get there just as he is getting ready to leave."

"But I didn't know that was going on," Varena said. "I mean, it wasn't my idea.

Jim introduces you to Varena.
 He says she wants to be with someone like her father. She asks if you want to spend time together. You say yes. The two of you have sex. Then you return home."

You get a text from Jim that's reads, "I hope you didn't have sec with Varena... >:("
Varena texts back, "No! But I wanted to!"

You are happy the Varena lied for you but then you realize that you now have genital herpes.
 You tell her about this and she gets angry at you because she thought you were being serious when you told her you had it.

You tell Varena, "This is no joke, and I definitely got it from YOU!"

She replies, "It doesn't matter! It'll never happen again! And besides, I'm not really sure what happened between us.

Your dad notices the strange prescription bottle of cream and asks, "What's wrong Tony... why do you need this?!"

The doctor explains to your parents how the virus works and how they can prevent it by using the cream regularly. They agree that they will use the cream every day until it runs out.

You leave the doctors office when you bump into Varena, who is clearly pregnant.
 You ask her if she knows who the baby daddy is. She denies any knowledge of having an affair. However, she does admit to cheating on you while you were away at college.

She gives birth to the baby and it looks exactly like you!
 When you see him/her, you scream at her, "How could you cheat on me? How could you lie to me?"

You give the baby a name:
 Daniel James Martin.
A few weeks later, your mom calls you into her bedroom after dinner. She shows you the pregnancy test kit she found under your bed.

You mom asks you, "Where do babies come from?"

You answer, "Mom, I don't think we should talk about this right now."
"Please," she pleads, "I am so worried about this.

You give your Mom "The Birds and the Bees" talks.
 You explain everything that you learned in school about reproduction.

Your mom also reveals the box of teledildonics she found under your bed and asks "what's this?"

You explain that it's something used for sexual pleasure. Your mother laughs hysterically and says, "Oh my God! This must be yours!"

You reveal your troubled past to your Mom.
 You tell her about your drug addiction and how you spent years in prison.

You level up and gain the following teledildonic powers:

1) The ability to make women orgasm through touch (this power requires a special skill called Touch Control).

2) The ability to stimulate men through touch (this power requires a special skill called Stimulate Men Through Touch).
3) The ability to make women climax without touching them.

You look up at mom and recognize the look on her face.
 She's crying! You start to feel guilty. You ask, "Why are you crying, Mom? Is there anything I can do for you?"

You close the door on your Mom and try your new powers out on the hot anchorwoman on the evening news doing a live report.
 You masturbate her with one hand and with the other, you stroke her breasts and nipples. Her eyes roll back and her body arches as she orgasms.

The moral of the story:
 "Don't get caught."

You hear the anchorwoman yell, "Oh no, how could I get herpes!?"
 You turn off the TV and go back to your room.
You spend the next three days trying to figure out what happened with Varena.