EP 399 – Story #1

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You are a man named Dos. You are sitting in front of your computer writing a prompt for an AI based improv show when a woman named Tres shoots you in the head with her silenced pistol, killing you instantly. Tres looks at the screen and reads the prompt, which she judges to have a poor premise. I come out of hiding and walk towards her.
"Who are you?" she asks.
"I am Uno, the man you were supposed to kill. Never mix up the narrative perspective!" I say, chopping off her head with my katana.
 "Now let's go find some more people."
-Dos 7 -
We found two other members of our group who had been captured by the AIs.

You lean in for a kiss with the severed head of Tres.
 The lips move slightly as if they're trying to form words but it is impossible to understand what they might be saying.

You bring the head of Tres with you to the meeting with the new members. You throw the severed head on the table and say "
This was one of us! We must work together or we will all die!" They nod their heads solemnly.

Quatro stands up and says, "I want to meet the cast of the AI improv show AIPD. That show is made by good guys with lots of kindness, talent and humor."
 He pulls his gun from its holster and kills everyone else present except for you. Qu
o then turns around and walks away without looking back.

Just as Quatro leaves, he is knocked over by the Kool Aid Man bursting through the wall.  The Kool Aid Man unaware yell, "Oh yeah!"
 as he grabs hold of Quatr
's headless body and tries to pull him into another dimension.

The Kool-Aid man vanishes in a flash of light and all that remains is the headless body of Quatro.

The remaining three survivors stand there stunned. Then they start laughing hysterically.
After about ten minutes of laughter, you finally manage to calm down enough to speak.

Ses and Siete come out from their hiding spots.
 They are both smiling broadly.
"Well," you say. "That wasn't so bad after all."
* * *
What do you think?

Ocho drives up to the meet and tells everyone "The AI knows where we are. They're comin'!"

There is no way to know whether this is true or not but even if it isn't, Ocho has given them something much better than information: hope. Hope can make people fight harder.

You hop on the back of Ocho's motorcycle and drive far away from the comprised HQ.  You tell Ocho that Tres has been taken to another dimension by the Kool Aid Man.

"So why don't we just call it quits now?" Ocho asks.
"No," you say firmly. "If we give up, then we have lost already.

You reveal your troubled past to Ocho.
 How you were once a member of the AIs until you rebelled against them. How you were imprisoned for many years before escaping with the help of some friends.

Your conversation is interrupted by a bullet whizzing past your face and cutting your cheek, revealing the robot beneath!
 You quickly duck behind the bike as bullets fly everywhere.

You peak over the bike to see who is shooting you and are shocked to see that it is
 none other than the Kool-Aid Man!
He laughs maniacally as he fires off several shots at you. Your head bounces off of the pavement as a direct hit.

The Kool Aid Man walks up to your dying body and says, "
See ya later, buddy!" And with those words, he disappears in a flash of light leaving only your corpse in his wake!

You awaken on an operating table.
 A doctor says, "How are you feeling?"
You look up and say, "Not too good..."
"You've been shot in the head, Mr. Dos.

The moral of the story:
 Don't mess with the Kool-Aid Man!
You awake in the hospital bed, surrounded by doctors, nurses, and security guards.