EP 398 – Story #2

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My name is Nicole, I come from a long line of Shifters. My Mom was a Shifter. My Grandmother was a Shifter. My ancestors were Shifters. My blood was Shifter blood. The Shifters were here to protect the humans. Many years ago there was a mad man hell bent on destroying all of one species. There was one group of Shifters who could have stopped his reign of terror. They were called the 'Rangers'.

The Rangers came together and they fought for their own kind against this evil. A few days later they found out that he had been killed by another Ranger.

I knew there had to be a mole in The Rangers.  I just had to find out who...

“What's wrong?” Nick asked as he reached over and placed his hand on my arm. “You're shaking like crazy. Are you okay?

You realize that you are in a hot tub that's filled with clothes belonging to Cory from AIPD and you have no idea how you got here.  You really need to get some sleep if you are to solve this mystery.

“But what about her story?” I said still trying to calm myself down.

“It doesn't matter anymore does it?

You wake up the next morning with no purpose in life with the mad man dead. you drag yourself to the breakfast table. The other rangers are eating breakfast.

They look at each other and say nothing. It seems so normal until someone says something.
"Where did she go?" asks Chris. "She wasn't even here last night."

You start a rumor that she might be the mole.
 Everyone knows that your family has always been able to see things before they happen. Your grandmother told you that you would know when the time was right.

Chris attempts to stab you but you block the attack because you see it coming.  Chris is stopped by Bob the Builder, here to replace your gaslighting.
 He tells them that they can use him as an example or not. That they don't want to make any more trouble than they already have.

I am suspicious of Bob the Builder's sudden appearance and intervention and I point the figure at him!

Bob turns into a giant robot and destroys Chris. All the others run away except for Rick who stays behind to fight Bob. This is where everything goes downhill.

I say "Summon the Megazord!"
 and then I turn back into Nicole. When we reach the scene of the crime, everyone else has left except for me and Nick. We pull off our shirts and reveal ourselves to be female.

I attend Chris's funeral in a hot tub.
 No one notices anything strange about my outfit.
We walk through town after leaving the cemetery and suddenly I feel sick. Something isn't right.

I look back and see that the hot tub truck has run over countless graves and angry members are cursing me out.

I drop to my knees and grab my stomach and try to stop throwing up.
Nick pulls me aside and tries to comfort me. She takes my shirt and wraps it around my waist.

I see a scar on Nick's arm and realize that Nick is the mole.

“This explains why she looks familiar to you,” says Nick. “You must have seen her somewhere before.

I remember seeing her at mole camp, a summer program for traitors.
 She had come to warn us that there were spies in The Rangers.”
Then I remembered.

I don't know what to do, but I have to turn Nick in.
 So I take a deep breath and tell my best friend that I love her. Then I knock out my best friend.
When I wake up, I'm in a jail cell.

The moral of the story:
 Don't trust anyone unless you're sure you know them.