EP 396 – Story #3

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You are Kyril Greyscale, a huge dragon living underneath Larion. You are an expert prankster. You're a troll, even though you're a Dragon. You are in debt, you owe the king 1000 tails. You decide to do a coin toss and you ask, "Heads or tails?" The king sighs, "Tails, you fucker. You owe me a thousand of them." The king, Jason Jenjillionth, raises his hand, turns around, and
 smacks himself on the back.

"You lose!" He yells it as he smashes your head against the stone.

I am Kyril. This happens.

Jason Jenjillionth, or king JJ as you know him, begins throwing A pile of Cory's knight armor which he traded in for a bucket at you.
 He throws each one over his shoulder until it lands at my foot. "Take that off," says king JJ, and with a flick I take his request. I don't know what he wants.

Sir Karen, back from her sacred quest to find The Manager, storms into the King's chambers.

Says, "I heard that there was another person involved! What is this about, Jason?!" Sir Karan asks.
"Well..." replies JJ, "...we found this guy.
 And... well..." he mumbles as his voice cracks, but he regains composure, "...and then we killed this guy, because we were afraid of him."

Sir Karen has an absolute bitch fit when they hear your story.
 They throw me through the wall and send out the army and everyone goes searching everywhere except here. It takes days to dig us all out of the hole.

You tell Sir Karen, "I'm looking for JJ's son, Prince Tony"

The soldiers who have come in from searching for their prince, now have nothing to go home to so instead of coming back out and getting attacked again, they begin looting what ever they can find and
 then leaving town forever after the sun goes down and leaving us here alone. They took your sword.

You succumb to your dragon nature.
 With your mouth and wings you grab hold of some nearby soldiers.

You spit them out like sunflower seeds and penetrate their defense.  You manage to escape the kingdom and hide away in the mountains where you see a small shack.
 There you find an elderly woman and child inside sleeping soundly.  The elderly lady, Lady Talaia, welcomes you to the mountain home she inherited long ago.

You recognize the child is Prince Tony, Heir to the Jenjillionth throne.
 He seems frightened by you as well. His father told him not to trust any man that had a tail.
You try to reassure the boy.

The boy removes the frozen stick of butter and says:

'There was another person?
'Who did I beat? Was I wrong? Is this punishment?
I didn' think you wanted the throne.
Why did I fight?

You realize that Prince Tony is a pacifist and will unite the kingdom with his peaceful ways.
 If anyone has to kill him he knows you won't, so no need to worry.'  He looks at you.  You look back and feel something.

You let the boy ride you into the sky.
  Then both of your heads tilt up as if you're saying good bye. He waves to the people watching below, while flying away to safety to a faraway castle.

As Prince Tony flies off, you shout, "Boy, you wanna puff the magic dragon?"
  As you blow out smoke, you are surrounded by an array of magical fire dragons.
"Hurry! Hurry! The King needs your head, now!"

You realize the elderly women betrayed you and told the king of your whereabouts.  You pick her up and drop her into
 the sea, while flying off.
"You traitor! You fucking traitor, old bag." She yells as she flops into the water like a beached turtle.

You watch as she gets torn to shreds by sharks.
 The last thing you see before she dies, is the shark swimming on the top of her severed head trying desperately to remove itself from the skull's jaws, but unable to.

You head towards the faraway castle where you last saw Prince Tony.
 But before you arrive, a horde of angry soldiers catch sight of the tiny winged figure. The men are led away by two huge war elephants to track the small figure across the ground.

You can't make out the small figure, but you hope it is not Prince Tony.  You decide to not risk it and surprise attack the war elephants.
 You grab onto their trunks as you fly into the air and hurl fire.  The men panic as you scorch the first elephant with a blast, sending them all running.

You fling the flaming elephant at the men.
 A second later, there is an earth-rumbling rumble and a wave comes over the men. You look up, expecting to find more troops, but only see three black shapes.

The black shapes take form as your worst fears are realized:
  Three large white bulls charging at you from behind and ready to crush the smaller body under its mighty legs. The other bull lowers its head as the lead bull runs at you.

You realize that the only way to save the small figure is to sacrifice yourself to protect it.  In your dying moments, you see that the small figure is actually
 Princess Sashalina who had come along to visit you, and not your son, and she has taken refuge under your arms.

The moral of the story:
 Be very wary of people that you don't know who have tails.
It's about a girl who's always dreaming, but then one night she has the dream that the sun turns red.