EP 395 – Story #3

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We were in the forest once, when we were very young. We were searching for the church of the Latter day Jim's. I was looking for the church, with my father and my mother. We searched far down the forest, and we searched every place, we could find.
The days and the nights seemed to go together, it seemed that they were always the same, in the same order.
We finally come to the place, where we thought we would find the church.
 The trees had grown so tall, that you couldn’t see any thing through them; but still we went on, hoping that we should at last reach our goal. But no!

You pick up a picture that shows Cory from AIPD stealing your pile of clothes.

But I don’t want to make this story too long. You will understand all by yourself, if you read it.

You read the photograph:

“My wife is dead,” said he, “and she died three years ago. She was twenty-eight years old, and her name was Maria.

You see bright light emitting from the jungle.
 It seems as though there was fire or something like it, because of the smoke coming out of the jungle. The air was filled with thick clouds of black smoke, which rose high into the sky.

You see Jim Christ driving a duelly diesel pickup truck and rolling coal.
 He rolls the coal into a large box on top of his truck. Then he drives away towards the town.

You chase after Jim Christ and yell, "Wait for me, I worship you!"

Jim stops his truck, turns around and looks back. He says, “Don’t be afraid, child. If you are not a Christian, then you can become one."

Jim Christ says "you just hop in" as he throws open the passenger door.

You jump inside the cab and say, “Thank you Mr. Jim Christ, for saving me."

Jim hands you a bottle and says, "Drink this!"

Then you drink the medicine, which makes you feel better.
Afterwards you ask him what happened?
He tells you about it.

Jim hands you something else and says, "Smoke This."

It smells bad, but you do smoke it.
Then Jim gives you another thing to eat.
This is food made of beans and corn.

Jim begins to cut down a tree with karate chops.
 Then he takes a saw and cuts off the branches. He puts the wood into the trunk of the log cabin. After he finishes cutting down the tree, he goes home.

You ask Jim Christ, "When I find Cory, I'm gonna steal his clothes for revenge."

Jim laughs and says, “I have already done that for you.”
And he shows you some pictures that show Cory taking your clothes.

Jim asks you to turn around. You do and you see a naked Cory, his clothes in a neat pile on the ground.

Jim explains everything to you.
Cory stole your clothes and threw them into the river. That's why you couldn't find them.
Jim Christ took care of that problem for you.

You ask Jim Christ to elaborate.

Jim says, “Well, I had seen Cory playing with your clothes, and I knew that they were yours. So I decided to take them from him.

Then Jim Christ hands you a machete and says, "Now you must cut off his head.  It is the way of the Jim and as my disciple you must do as I say!"

You grab the machete and look at the picture.
You see the naked body of Cory on the ground.

You start chopping.

You chop and chop and chop until you finish.
You put the pieces of the body on the pile of clothes and bury the whole mess under the floorboards.

Jim Christ pats you on the back and says, "You are now a Jim Christian."

You go on down the road and Jim tells you, “If you ever need anything, come and see me.

The moral of the story:
 Don’t be afraid, don’t run away, don’t hide. If you want to get revenge, then follow the instructions.
So, you know the story.