EP 393 – Story #2

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You Rocko. You big strong caveman. You invent iSlab. You tell tribe "think different."
 Tribe think differently, then they learn how to make iSlabs for each other.

You commit first iSlab murder.
 You do it in secret. One day you come out of forest and see two hunters chasing another man—your friend. Your heart beats faster.

You notice one of hunters is Ug Gates, Square rock salesman.  You shout, "There's a new invention called AIPD. It's a livestream starring my friends, Jason, Tony, Jim and Cory."
 And with that you run toward square rock salesman. Ug sees this. He turns around and begins to chase you. But he doesn't catch up. Instead he trips on something...
and falls face-first into a puddle of mud. He drowns right there. You're free!
Or so you think. Soon Ug's brother appears at your side.

You unveil the new iSlab plus, A giant slab of stone with all the unfunctionality of the iSlab in an enormous new form.
 As you talk about it and show it off, people begin to gather. Suddenly, Ug is shouting again, demanding that everyone listen to him.

Everyone ignore Ug and laughs at him for almost drowning in a puddle of water.  You play to the crowd and beat Ug with the iSlab plus.
 Ug runs away. Now you have the attention of the entire tribe.
You find more ways to use the iSlap. People watch because they want to be entertained.

You list the following 10 uses of the iSlab:
 Farting—the best fart ever. 
2. Sleepytime Fun
3. Mummy Time
4. Nanny Time
5. Toddler Time
 Bath Time
7. Shower Time
8. Dance Time
9. Playtime
You realize you should have put "Naptime" on that list too. 
After some time, Ug Gates returns to challenge you once again.

Ug Gates reveals his new invention:
 AIPD (Always In Pajamas Day). You look at each other. He says it's a livestream where he and the guys always appear naked. Your hearts begin to beat faster.

You ask Ug, "do you believe in a thing called love?"

He shouts back, "love? I don't know what that is."
You say, "I do. Love is a feeling. Sometimes we feel it for someone else;
 sometimes we feel it for ourselves. It makes us happy. Love can make you cry or laugh. Do you understand what I am talking about?"

You get down on one knee and look Ug Gates in the eyes.
 You're going to show him how it works.
So you explain, "When your friend Cory sees Jason kissing Tony in front of everyone, Cory will be sad.
 When Ug hears this, he might also start to feel sad because he knows that people are staring at Ug in his pajamas, which is embarrassing.

You give Ug a token of love:
 iSlap plus. 
And with that you kiss the unsuspecting Ug Gates. His mouth opens. You take off your clothes and put on an iSlab.

You set the iSlab to "Playtime."
 On screen, Ug Gates sits on a boulder. The video begins. Ug appears as himself. He wears an iSlab. You step out of the cave and walk toward Ug.

You sing a love ballad, it goes like this:

Rocko sings:
I'll never stop loving you.
I've got a brand-new iSlap, it's perfect for me.
You dance in the nude.

You make sweet sweet caveman love to Ug.

At first he doesn't know what is happening. But then his eyes fill up with tears. He starts to play along. You do a few more dances and kisses.
The crowd cheers.

You tell Ug that you want to spend the rest of your caveman days with him.
 Ug says yes. And they live happily ever after. 
Do I have my story right?

The moral of the story:
 Be yourself, even if you're not always popular. There is nothing wrong with feeling love and wanting others to feel it too.
Thank you for listening. Have a nice day.