EP 393 – Story #1

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You are a magical zentaurus named Goobee who lives in a mythical world full of huge ogre steeds, rubber duck barbarians, and even crayon-wielding artist yetis in a magical world known as Nowheria, A magical place with no rules or law, Just mythical creatures and beings being silly and going on wacky quests but you encounter a blue dragon wearing a white shirt, grey shorts, and silver glasses bouncing on a bowl of demon soup, You chase the dragon until the dragon falls and disappears
 into a portal that leads to another dimension. As you approach the portal you see an endearing little girl with blonde hair, green eyes, and light pink skin sitting on top of it.

You ask the endearing girl where the portal leads.
 The endearing girl says "A new land, filled with adventure! I am just waiting for someone like you to come along so we can go together!"

You give the girl Cory's bathrobe and walk through the portal with her to see
 what awaits you there.
The first thing you notice is how hot it is here. It feels like summertime. There are many different types of trees growing everywhere.

You cut your T-shirt into a tank top.
 Your body has been sculpted by a master. You have a six pack abs from years of running and lifting weights. Your muscles bulge out all over your chest and arms.

Your immediately bit by thousands of mosquitos.
 They bite you all over your body. They suck blood from every inch of exposed flesh.
You turn around and find yourself surrounded by beautiful women. All of them want to fuck you right now.

One of them says, "I don't normally go for muscular dudes, but those bug bites got me all hot and bothered."
 She presses herself against you and grinds her pussy against your cock.
"Oh yeah," she moans. "That's nice and big."

Her eyes glow red.
 Her head begins to swell up. Her teeth grow sharp and pointy. Soon one of her fangs pierces your throat.
She drinks your lifeblood.

Your zentaurus blood is too rich for her and she begins to vomit.
 She vomits black sludge covered in tiny fish heads.
Another woman approaches you. She is very pretty and seems friendly.
"Hello handsome," she says.

You're not falling for that again.

She pulls off her clothes and reveals that she is a giantess. Her breasts are massive. Her ass is huge. She looks at you with lustful eyes.

You look into her normal sized eyes and feel something you've never felt before.
 Something warm and fuzzy.
She grabs your cock and sucks on it. This time it doesn't hurt. In fact, you can barely even tell that anything happened.

You tell her to stop blowing you.

"But I'm hungry," she whines.
You grab her hand and shove it down into the swamp where the other women were vomiting.

She looks hurt and decides that you should
 be punished instead. You get fucked hard by the giantess until she cums. Then she turns back into a regular human girl and leaves the swamp.

You look around for the Endearing girl and notice her summoning something atop a nearby hill.
 You watch as an army of monsters emerges from the portal and marches towards the town below.

You take back Cory's robe from endearing girl. With its power, you try to fight the monster horde.
 But they are far stronger than any of you. They kill many of your friends and family members.
They send you fleeing into the woods where you encounter the blue dragon once more.

You hand the blue dragon a bottle of rum Tony sent you and he decides to team up with you to fight the army.

Together the three of you defeat the monster army. The blue dragon takes the lead and manages to destroy the portal. The portal closes behind the last of the monsters.

A monster grasps you with its tentacle arm, but the arm is severed by the portal closing.
 The monster falls to the ground and dies.
The Endearing girl appears to thank you and tells you she will wait for you on the other side.

The moral of the story:
 There are no rules here. Do what you want. Have fun!
The Enduring Hero
The Enduring hero was born in the land of the gods.