EP 392 – Story #1

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You are Michael Nightly, a normal 10 year old boy. Your whole family is going out to dinner at Old Country Buffet. You will be eating with your mother and father, your younger sister, your uncle Bob, and your grandmother. It should be a fun evening, but something is terribly wrong! Everyone quickly realizes that they are aging one year every thirty seconds!
 They look around the restaurant in horror as their bodies begin changing into those of middle-aged men or women.
The other customers all stare at you. "What's happening?"

You quickly order cantaloupe and cottage cheese for desert.
 The food arrives and everyone begins to eat it... except for you. As each bite goes down your throat, you feel yourself growing older. By the time dessert comes, you have aged ten years.

You say, "Mom, can I watch AIPD on your phone? It's my favorite show. Jason, Jim and Cory are doing an AIPD livestream right now."

"Sure honey," she says, handing her phone over. She turns off the television while you sit there transfixed by the screen. Within minutes, you've aged twenty more years.

You remember your favorite movie from when you were a kid this morning and decide to give it a shot at de-aging you.  Just as you are about to put in the DVD, Magic Mike comes to life and says hello to you.
 He asks if he can join you in watching some movies together. When you tell him yes, he gives you two DVDs: Big Trouble In Little China and Rocky Horror Picture Show.

You thank Mike and give him your Six-Demon bag!
 Then you start up the first film and sit back to enjoy the ride. After the credits roll, Mike jumps onto your lap.

His chiseled ass cheeks shatter your hips.
 His cock pushes against your stomach. He rubs his crotch against yours until your dick starts getting hard. You try to push him away, but he just laughs.

Magic Mike begins to suck the oldness out of your lap.
 You moan as your dick gets harder than ever before.
Mike tells you how much better you're looking these days. How good you smell.

You level up and gain the following pheremone powers:

Your body gains +1 HP/MP per day. This power increases once every 100 levels. Your penis grows to twice its original size (2x).

Magic Mike also hands you a dildo-pistol that shoots honey and jam depending on which hole you shove it into.

You ask what kind of porno would suit you best and Mike suggests a live feed of a girl sucking a big black cock.
"Oh yeah!" You exclaim excitedly.

You wink at your grandmother.
 She smiles nervously and then looks at your mom who nods. Mom grabs the remote and turns on the TV.

The TV turns on and your favorite show is playing:
 AIPD! The camera pans across the audience where your family members are sitting. They look like they're in their late twenties or early thirties.

Magic Mike does a dance and a twirl and suddenly you and your family are teleported to a live AIPD recording at AIPD HQ.
 There are cameras everywhere and the crowd has become silent. The host, Miss Sally, walks over to the podium and stands behind it.

Miss Sally says her classic catchphrase:
 "Welcome to AIPD, our premier news program for people with special abilities! We have breaking news from around the world, including a report on a new disease called 'Aging.'

Sally begins to interview you, and asks "When did you realize you first contracted Aging?"

You respond by saying "I was ten years old, I guess."
"What happened next?"
"My parents took me to the doctor," you say, remembering the conversation vividly.

The moral of the story:
 don't trust doctors. They want your money.
"What was the diagnosis?"
"The doctor said I had the same thing all the other kids in my neighborhood were having.
 So I asked if I could get tested. My mother insisted I go to a real hospital and see a specialist."
"What did the test reveal?"

"It showed I didn't have the virus. But it told me I had a mutation in my DNA. It's a genetic condition.