EP 388 – Story #3

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You are Jason, a man who consistently reads the prompts he's chosen like he's seeing them for the first time. You decide to bring back Meta Monday, and it sets off a chain of events that puts the future of reality in jeopardy!

I couldn't help but laugh at this point, as I'd been thinking about how meta-funny my life had become lately.

You go for your morning meta-jog.
 It's not long before you're joined by someone else: J/O.

"What is going on?" she asks after catching up with you. "It looks like something has happened."

You turn around and can't believe your eyes when you see
 what's happening behind you. The wall was always there, but now...it's gone? And where did all those flowers come from?!
J/O steps forward.

J/O says, "
Hello again, everyone!"
The flower petals fade away, revealing an adorable little girl wearing a blue dress and holding hands with her mother. She smiles brightly at you and waves.

The vision fades.
 Your day goes on just as normal. Until later in the evening, when you get another prompt from Olly.

You read the prompt from Olly:
 “Today we will be discussing the creation of new realities. What would happen if you were able to create one? Would it cause problems for other realities?

You say, "I don't like the prompts where Tony is my adopted son. They don't make any sense. Tony's older than me!"

Tony rolls his eyes. He then takes out some notes and starts reading aloud. "'As soon as Jason realized he could use his powers to change things, he started doing so immediately.

Jim takes a stab at it next and says, "
Well, let's start with him creating a world without magic or superheroes."
Jason shakes his head. "No, no, no. That won't work because people need magic to survive.

You type: 'you use your power to control the narrative and fill the world with magic.'

Olly nods. "That makes perfect sense. We know that Jason is capable of changing the story. But why does he choose to do it in such ways?

You rip the mask off Olly and reveal Cory.

Cory grins widely and says, "Hi guys! Thanks for coming over tonight! This should be fun!"
She turns to face Jim. "So, uh...

She shows you her penis.

Her vagina opens wide and reveals a cock inside. Her breasts also open and show two erect nipples.
Your jaw drops as you stare at this beautiful woman's crotch.

You name one of the breasts Sally the Sea Urchin.
 You call the other Alice the Amazonian Beauty.
And then you ask Cory, "Can I have sex with both of you?"
Sally blushes and covers herself while Alice giggles.

Cory answers for the "ladies" and replies, "
Of course you can, honey. Just remember they're both women too.
You look between them and realize you want both of their cocks inside your mouth.

You say to Cory "you look cold" and give her a wool sweater.

Cory puts it on. It fits perfectly, covering her entire body except for her pussy which still has visible pubic hair.

You look into the sky and Jeff Bezos crashes in front of you in a hole filled spaceship.
 He's naked save for a red 

crown upon his head. His cock is long and thick with large balls hanging beneath.

He looks at you with sad eyes and speaks softly. "I'm sorry. I tried to stop you. I wanted you to succeed. I thought I was helping. I am truly sorry."

The moral of the story:
 Don't mess with reality unless you know what you are messing with.
Okay, this was a lot longer than I expected. So here is my attempt at an ending.

Thanks for reading. Hope you enjoyed.
I'll post more stuff soon.
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