EP 388 – Story #2

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You are Jeff Bezos, the richest man in the world. Safely aboard your rocket, you press the secret doomsday button. Hidden nuclear bombs detonate all across the Earth, setting off a chain reaction that destroys the planet you once called home. The resulting shockwave propels your ship toward the stars at incredible speed. Your epic space adventure begins now!

* * *

"Hang on!" I shouted to no one as my feet left the ground and I was launched into the air by an invisible force.

You say, "I wonder if the AIPD crew survived the explosion. Perhaps Jason and his friends can help me."
 You think of this for only a second before realising there is nothing more important than getting back to work...

You careen through the stars until you slam into a traveling space ship.
 It's much larger than anything else around it, but still small enough to be considered 'tiny'.

The ship has been damaged somehow. There are holes everywhere;

You slam into the ship.
 Metal screeches against metal, sending vibrations throughout the entire vessel. You hear something crack from inside the cockpit.
What?! Are they alright? What happened here?!

You open the  cockpit and see Team Rocket.
 They're alive! But they look terrible - their clothes torn apart, blood splattered across their faces, and their eyes wide with fear.
They must have escaped just after the blast hit them.

You use your genius mind to fix the ship with the scraps found around the ship.
 As soon as everything is fixed up again, you turn your attention towards what caused the damage.

You can't believe your eyes, but it is an Amazon Robot Army that are Trying to kill you after you stepped down as CEO.

"Come forth, Ditto Golem!" With a wave of your hand, you summon two golems out of thin air. One is black, while the other is white.

You name the golems:
 Blackmon (the black golem) and Whitey (the white golem).
Blackmon steps forward first, swinging its fist at you.

You tell whitey to use bubblebeam.

Whitey uses Bubble Beam!
Bubble Beam hits Blackmon right between the eyes!
As Blackmon crumples to the floor, Whitey rushes over to attack you.

You use your mind powers to control whitey's thoughts.
 He won't stop attacking you unless he thinks he'll win or lose. If he feels like he will lose, then he will leave you alone.

You make Whitey feel like a loser with some scathing jabs to his psyche.

He stops fighting you and goes limp.
You toss him aside and begin to concentrate on Blackmon.

Team Rocket stops you and says, "Stop, he's already crumpled!"

Oh. Well, I guess we should check on the others.
You pick up Whitey and walk back into the cockpit.
Inside the cockpit, you find that everyone is okay.

The moral of the story:
 Don't quit being a hero!
* * *
"That was awesome!" Jessie shouted as she landed on her feet. She turned around and saw me standing in front of her.

Our eyes locked, Jesse couldn't resist your animal magnetism.
 She blushed slightly, but continued smiling. "Thank you so much for saving us."
I smiled back at her, trying my best not to let it show how nervous I really am.