EP 385 – Story #2

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You are a tiny bloodsucking insect known as Mick the Tick. Your life is sucking right now. You're in your bedroom, which has been converted into a lab for an experiment you had nothing to do with and that's going horribly wrong.
You alter the experiment to try and restore your humanity. It works, but at a cost: you lose all of your memories from before the last three days. When you wake up, it feels like you've never existed before.
You say to yourself, "Let me open TickTock, and see what's going on today. Something's bugging me." And so you open the door to your new world...
And find yourself standing in front of a woman wearing a white dress covered by black lace. She looks down at you, her expression blank.
You say, "I feel like watching AIPD. It's a wonderful show that's helped me get through a lot of hard times."
The woman says, "That sounds lovely," and begins walking away. Before she leaves, however, she turns around, smiling. "Oh, I'm sorry! That was rude of me.
The woman holds up a phone where you see Brendan Fraser, who's playing you in a biopic, on a Zoom call. He asks if you want to talk about something.
"It's just this weird feeling I have," you tell him. "Like my life isn't really mine anymore."
Brendan Fraser reveals his troubled past to you where he reveals that he is also a tick.
"There's no way out of this," he tells you. "Not even death will release us."
You ask "are we immortal?"
He smiles sadly and nods. "Yes, our lives are eternal. But there's only one thing worse than living forever..."
Brendan Fraser pulls up pictures of him as a tick on his instragram from 300 years ago. The photos look identical. There is no evidence of aging or change whatsoever.
"But I can remember every single moment of my existence," he continues.
You hop on plane and decide to meet face to face with Brendan. After several hours of flight time, you arrive at the airport, where you find the man waiting for you.
"Hi!" You exclaim excitedly.
Brendan Fraser does get excited, instead with a frowny face he hands you a note that says:
'Don't leave without saying goodbye.'
Your eyes widen. "What? Why?"
Brendan Fraser shrugs. "Because I don't know how else to say goodbye."
As you embrace Brendan Fraser, you give him a little suck. His blood tastes delicious.
Suddenly, you realize that Brendan Fraser has turned back into a human. You start crying uncontrollably because you miss being able to feed off him.
The moral of the story: Don't go into tick territory alone.
(Author's Note: This story is based on an actual incident.)