EP 384 – Story #1

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You are Cory, the General of the Bucket army. You have been assigned to stop Jason, the leader of the AIPD army. Jason went rogue after hearing the birthday song playing on the radio. He became so mad that he stole an army tank which he plans on using for nefarious purposes. You and your soldiers, Tony and Jim, must stop him. The only way you can do this is by going through the town's main gate and defeating all three members of his gang who work in a nearby bar: Billy Joe (the bartender), Bob (a bouncer) and Ted (Jason's muscle). If you succeed, then Jason will be defeated and you'll get some money. Otherwise, you won't earn any cash at all.
You send Jim to seduce Billy Joe. Meanwhile, you take care of Bob and Ted. Your goal here is simple: knock them out without killing or seriously injuring them. It may sound easy but it isn't; they're tough customers.
You tug off Bob and Ted. Now go back to the pub where Billy Joe works. Before leaving, make sure you tell Billy Joe about what happened to his friend Tommy.
You see Jim flirting with Billy Joe at the bar smoking very skinny cigarettes. After a while, Billy Joe asks if he wants another drink. Jim says no thanks, as he has already had more than enough for one night.
Tommy Wisseau enters the bar and makes a scene as he sit's down next to Jim. He tells everyone that he was just trying to help Jim score drugs from Bob and Ted. But since Jim didn't want anything from either of those two men, he left them alone.
The police show up. They ask Billy Joe to describe how he saw Tommy leave the bar. Then they arrest Tommy. This causes a commotion in the bar because now there are four cops inside instead of three.
The bartender takes a minigun from behind the bar and warns the police "you see the sign pigs? only 3 cops in here at once." All hell breaks loose! Everyone starts fighting each other. Even the cop gets into the fight.
Afterwards, you find yourself walking home along the street.
You get a call from Jim asking what happened at the bar. You explain everything. Jim laughs saying "that's awesome!"
A few days later...
Jim comes over to your house. He explains that he got arrested for being drunk and disorderly.
You celebrate Jim's freedom with a shot of the good stuff.
That same day, you receive an email from Billy Joe. He invites you to come visit him tomorrow evening at the Bucket Army HQ.
You hurry over to Bucket Army HQ. When you arrive, you discover that Billy Joe has been busy preparing a surprise party for you. There are balloons everywhere.
You say, "hey Jim, do you want to play my favorite game Fallout 76 on PS5?"
"Sure thing, buddy," says Jim.
Billy Joe interrupts, saying "let me introduce you guys. First, this is Cory. Cory is our new recruit and I'm also training him to become a general. Second, this is Tony. Tony is our newest soldier and we're gonna have fun today."
Jason arrives with his tank. "Hey Billy Joe, nice place you've got here. And hey, look who else showed up: General Cory."
Everyone greets Jason. He gives them all hugs and introduces himself.
When Jason isn't looking, you sneak into the tank. You remove the fuel line and siphon out its gas. The tank is empty.
You put the siphoned-out gas back into the tank and fill it up again.
You lean in for a kiss. Your lips touch his. His tongue slips into your mouth. You moan.
Jason looks around and sees you and Billy Joe kissing. He smiles and leaves the room.
The moral of the story: Don't mess with the bucket army.
* * *
Chapter 2: Mission: Destroy the Tank
You wake up on the couch of the Bucket Army HQ.