EP 383 – Story #2

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You are an Eternal, but you are not one of us. You have been assigned here for reasons unknown to yourself. The only reason you are alive is because your kind has been assigned to this world. Your assignment is to be used as a tool of manipulation and control. You will be a test subject for our experiments, but that is all you need to know. As long as you can live in the darkness, we'll leave you alone... unless you break out of the cage where you've been confined.
* * *
The next day...
You break out of the cage and run out of the laboratory. You pass by another set of doors that lead outside and see a large forest stretching off into the distance.
You check to see if you are Wolverine, you pull out and ID card and it reads:
NAME: Logan/Eternal (Age Unknown)
APPEARANCE: Strongly-built man with brown hair and eyes
"Despite all my rage I am still just a rat in a cage."
You clench your firsts and claws extend from your knuckles as you punch through the door leading outside. When you hit the ground you turn around and see several men who look like hunters walking toward you.
invincible_v1. 0 wrote:"They're coming at me! Should I use this?"Logan's first ability is called "Invincible".
You use "Invincible" and your enemies are struck dumb for about five seconds before they start moving again. You dodge bullets from them while using a special attack that turns your skin black.
You realize you've transformed into Venom Wolverine. You have a small scar on the right side of your face from when Electro took out half your face. You grab two of them and throw them back, but the rest are too fast for you.
You see a helicopter approach and land nearby. Two figures get out and walk up to you. One is wearing a white lab coat, while the other has green hair that covers his entire body except for his head.
You approach the men and growl at them inquisitively. They look away quickly.
The man in the lab coat looks at you with an amused expression.
"What brings you here? Aren't we supposed to keep you locked up?"
You say, "Plans changed."
"Oh," says the man, looking behind you. "I didn't know you were aware that your assignment was going to be cancelled."
He turns and starts walking toward the chopper.
You extend a claw and cut down a tree with a single swipe which lands on the chopper's blades. The pilot jumps out of the cockpit and runs back to help his comrade.
You chase after the second scientist who dives into one of the trees and makes it to safety.
You try to catch up to him, so you hop into Professor X's wheelchair which has the AIPD logo painted on it. It flies through the air as you follow the fleeing man.
You arrive at a large building made entirely of metal that is surrounded by fences topped with razor wire and electrified barbed wire.
You read the sign on the building: EMBASSY OF THE UNITED STATES. You break through the fence and enter the grounds and see another helicopter, but this time there are no pilots inside.
You enter embassy and see the man grinning.  You rush to attack him, but are stopped by US Forces.
"Don't worry Logan! Your assignment has been transferred to me. Let us take you home!" says the green-haired man who was with the scientists earlier.
You leave with the green-haired man and ask him for his name.  He responds: "James Howlett".
He leads you to a car parked outside of the building and tells you to get in.  As he gets behind the wheel, your claws retract into your hands.
James informs you of your new mission. You have to prevent a nuclear war between Russia and America.
* * *
You and James drive into Moscow where a massive battle is taking place.
You know the one thing that will bring an end to this war: mutantkind. When you tell the green-haired man about the future, he offers to teleport you and Wolverine back to your apartment in New York.
You start a school for mutantkind and call it: Wolverine's School For Mutants. However, the government decides that mutants are dangerous so they kill all of the students except for yourself.
The moral of the story: Never trust anyone.
* * *
When you arrive back at your apartment, you go to sleep and dream...
You are standing on top of a mountain.
"Wolverine! I need help!" screams the voice from above you. It is Jean Grey. She falls down and breaks her leg.
You grab her and carry her up the mountain as fast as you can.
You throw her back down.  There is another person lying face down nearby. You realize it is Professor X who is bleeding out.  Xavier stands up and limps toward you.
You punch him in the stomach.