EP 382 – Story #1

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This is your captain speaking. We are currently in an area known as Area 51. I have been informed that there are several people here, and I am not sure what to do with them. However, I have been told that they are all humans, and that they are in need of medical attention. They are in a state of shock and have no idea what is going on. The only thing we know for certain is that at least one or two of them were exposed to something which made their brain shut down temporarily, and now they are suffering from partial memory loss.
I go to the infirmary to visit with the humans. Some of them will be transferred to a hospital by helicopter soon, but there are still some who seem stable enough to wait it out here.
I smell something foul and see a crate of turds. A dead body lies inside. As my vision blurs, I can make out a headless torso, arms and legs bent oddly, and... fangs! Someone has turned into a vampire!
I try to revive the vampire. When I try to use magic, nothing happens. Maybe I'm too far away? It's possible, because vampires would normally suck blood and energy right out of someone nearby if I were close enough.
I say, "Die monster, you don't belong in this world!" The words come out as a hissing sound, and then a red laser appears next to my hand. The energy beam hits the vampire.
I see the laser hit the vampire torso and watch as it begins to transform into dust. A moment later, I notice that the entire room is bathed in light and a bright white glow comes from the walls and ceiling. This effect lasts several seconds until everything returns to normal.
I notice a trinket in the box where the dust remains.  I pull it out and take a closer look at it. The trinket looks like a golden disk with writing on both sides.  Inscribed within the metal surface is the word  Manticore.  My mind goes blank.
I open my eyes and see two humans standing next to me, looking worriedly down at me.
"Do not worry," I say.  "I am fine."
I reveal my troubled past to the humans.  They appear relieved when they learn that I have no idea who or what the Manticore might be.
I ask about the Manticore disk.  One of them answers, "It is a powerful object.  It was found here, and it is now our responsibility to find its owner."
I nod.
I pop the Manticore disk into my CD Walkman and listen to the disk.  I feel a familiar sense of calmness wash over me.  I am in control once again, and my thoughts are clear.
I look outside and see that a massive solar flare is coming towards Earth.  I know what I must do.  The next thing I know, I am flying into space on board the X-5.
The ship's computer tells me that I have three hours until the solar storm hits us.
I activate the solar flare shields.  The energy flow around the ship changes from red to white.  I get a message from Mission Control.  The mission is cancelled.  My orders are to return immediately.
I say, "No!  We cannot give up yet.  The Manticore disk can save humanity!"
I go against orders and decide to save the world anyway.  A moment later I am floating in outer space, the sun a bright ball above me.  As the last of the flare disappears, my visor automatically activates.
I yell, "Manticore powers ACTIVATE!"
In response, a shimmering light forms within the solar flare.  Within seconds, an image appears within the display.
I see a Robot uploaded with Jason "Birthday hater" Sun's memories.  His robot body is wearing a green tuxedo and a mask over his face.  In the background I see several humans standing in front of a building, surrounded by guards.
The moral of the story:
Never trust vampires or robots!

A couple hours later, I am walking across a vast expanse of ice toward my goal.