EP 379 – Story #2

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There once was an island called Nuro, a place of beauty and magic. It was ruled by King Zalan for centuries. He had a daughter named Elana who was loved by everyone. She was beautiful and intelligent. Everyone loved her. However, she had a dark secret. She was a sorcerer known as the Witch of Silence. She had a rare power that allowed her to control the winds. This power let her take control of the weather in any region of the world.
Elana reveals her troubled past to her best friend at the local tavern. Her friend tells her about King Zalan's son.
The young King Zalan grows tired of his wife. He wants to leave the island and seek adventure elsewhere.
King Zalan plots the "accidental" death of his wife while taking a trip to a faraway land overseas.
The King's daughter Elana is summoned to an inn on the island. She receives a mysterious letter from the son she left behind.
Elana opens the letter and it reads:
This letter is for Elana. It contains information on the fate of your people. I have returned to this island because I want to meet you.
You turn the letter over and see an address.  You go and lie in wait to see who shows up.
I will be waiting for you there. I will be waiting for you.
Elana looks up and sees the mysterious person who wrote her the letter.  It is none other than the man who killed her father, the Witch of Silence.
Elana leans in for a kiss with the male witch of silence. The two fall into a passionate embrace.
In the end, the two lovers are forced to part ways.
Elana walks downstairs and orders a drink.  Suddenly a knights bursts in to the Inn and exclaims, "The Queen has been killed in a mysterious boat accident!"  Elana knows that King Zalan is responsible for her death and she confronts him in his Shrimp Cabana Restaurant.
The young King Zalan is arrested and held without bail. He pleads not guilty.  The court decides he must stand trial.
Elana testifies at the King's trial and reveals new evidence:  The Witch of Silence had come to this island as well. She had secretly followed King Zalan while he was away from Nuro.
The Other Witch of Silence bursts into the court room with a chilling snow storm blast.  The witch strikes Elana with a mystical dagger and kills her.  She then burns the island to the ground.  She claims that she will never return.
The Witch of Silence is questionably made the CEO of all worldwide franchises of the Shrimp Cabana Restaurant.  Elana's life ends in vain.
Elana's body is found by an old woman.  She is wearing the same clothes she wore when she was killed.
Elana's body is thrown into the water where her body floats and it is revealed that she was a witch!  The witch is now the owner of the restaurant.
King Zalan is released from prison.  He has been judged innocent and he is free to leave the island.
The moral of the story:  A woman who falls in love with a man who is already married is doomed.  The one exception is if she is a witch.